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How can i get emancipated in the state of Ohio?
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How can i get emancipated in the state of Ohio?

i am a 17 yr old mom, and i was trying to get emancipated. i am currently in foster care but i go home in january. i need to be able to take care of my mom without her limiting me to doctors appointments and such. how can i get emancipated in the state of ohio??


2009-12-02 15:08:33 +0000
You will have to show the court that you have a job and will not become a burden on the state welfare system before they will grant emancipation. This is often the hardest thing to do for most young people, who may already be taking some form of public assistance.

2009-12-02 16:28:06 +0000
Emancipation is about "self" support. Nothing in your question shows your "self" supporting even if Ohio has a statute

2009-12-02 15:14:04 +0000
It's a requirement that you are able to prove that you can take care of yourself, but the job market in Ohio is dead. Contact social services try to get on welfare and move out of the State, asap.

The corrupt agencies at the State level maintain this system to prevent non-conformers from moving out. Make contacts in another State asap.

If they can trace your IP address expect to have fraudulent bills added to your Credit report and this will prevent you from being able to move--this is the system through the Judicial system and corporate collaboration--it extends to agencies out of the State as well.

Be careful, the hit list is maintained by various State agencies that use financial crime to make your life a living hell if you complain.

Make contacts out of the State immediately.

2009-12-02 15:54:49 +0000
Not happening. Single mother and 17 is not going to display to a court the emotional stability needed for an emancipation even if you were financially independent, which you aren't.

Wait a year

2009-12-02 15:17:12 +0000
I wanted to do this same thing when i was young and( the court does appoint free lawyers) it was not worth it! You should take advantage of benefits offered in the system- I wish I had. They pay for a ton of things- u just have to know to ask and bug your caseworker!
My agency( our state contracted w/ at the time) even had a continuing education fund I new nothing about at the time! They did pay for me to get a member ship at the gym and bought me stuff for christmas. why not get some freebies? Ask for what ever funds r there right?

I know that a year seems long- but it will go fast and once u r an adult u can't go back!

2009-12-02 15:09:04 +0000
get a lawyer and you would have to sue for your emancipation

i would suggest NOT to do it because of this big reason

because by the time your suit goes to the court (unless your freaking loaded) you'll probably be 18 and have wasted tons of money

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