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If I suspect someone is an illegal immigrant, how do I make a citizen's arrest?
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If I suspect someone is an illegal immigrant, how do I make a citizen's arrest?

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Unfortunately, INS (as it used to be known) is too busy. They need our help!


That just is not possible. Call the police. Call immigration. Then get out of the way - they will eventually get to the problem. You know they can't run out and arrest everybody who is reported. I could get a bug up my butt and call and tell them you were illegal. They have to check the claim out first - so just because it appears to you that they are not reacting to your complaint doesn't mean they aren't. Good luck - and thanks for trying to better our country by helping to stop the flow of illegals............

best thing you can do is not, if you feel the need then call the police.

~~∞§arah T∞©~~
Citizens arrest, lol.
You can't.
You have to call immigration.

First, I think you should be 100% sure, it would be kind of embarrassing to make a mistake.
Second, call the police

You don't! You call immigration and let the professionals deal with it, because if you're wrong you stand to face charges for assault, wrongful detention, wrongful arrest, and the list goes on.

Let someone else worry about it..

call immigration

Call police anonymously so if they are not you dont get embarassed

I know what I know
Anyone can make a citizen's arrest however if you are incorrect you could be sued!

I would not recommend that, call the authorities. Besides the fact of being potentially physically dangerous, the possibility of a law suit would be eminent. I do admire the patriotism, but remember that someone sued McDonald's for their coffee being too hot...............and they won.

Mr. Kool
U can't...Someone can only make a citizen's arrest if the offense is a felony! sorry

The Shadow Knows
you tell them to stop and then call the police, that is a citizen's arrest

You cant make a citizens arrest on an illegal immigrant. Citizens arrests are for felonies and misdemeanors only. It is actually not a crime to be an illegal alien. You wont find it in any penal law. You will however, find it in immigration law, which is different.

As a side note, most police agencies dont deal with immigration. They wont even ask, and if they're told they leave a message with INS. This is protect the people that may be illegal immigrants. If the police arrested illegal immigrants, then criminal could just wait in their neighborhoods and rob them and rape them and assault them, because the illegals would be too afraid to call the police to report anything.

how would you know what someone else's immigration status is? are you quite sure, or is it possible you are wrong about this? hopefully our govenrment won't waste too many of my tax dollars investigating someone because you want to get rid of them.

Doole Gordon
You need to prove that they're an illegal immigrant at first.
Let the authorities deal with offences.

And why are you looking forward to screwing somebody else's life? They came to the country to get a better life, to meet better people.

just leave them alone, why do you think they came here in the first place? are they stealing from you, keying your car, probably not, they came here to make a better life for themselves and if you are planning on destroying it all for them.

Hell yeah, Make sure you are armed and if they resist, Fire three rounds center of mass and shout out "Remember the Alamo"

Ya if we as AMERICANS gotta follow rules then why don't they I'm a Hispanic and not racist just love my country too much to see illegal women sitting on their butts getting aid for their children born in america and slipping through the cracks cuz they are illegal and can't work in the us its bull I say u do things the right way no matter where u came from u airent special so don't act like it LEGAL is LEGAL so ALL of us must abide not just the legal ones!!!!

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