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If a package was delivered to my house by accident and it's addressed to me, may I keep it?
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If a package was delivered to my house by accident and it's addressed to me, may I keep it?

I ordered only one laptop from Dell and I apparently got two of the same laptop. I was only charged for one. I was wondering if I would be allowed to keep the second one. Is that legal and where would I find information regarding that? (A link would help) Thanks.


Stephanie M
I don't know the legalities but it is their screw up. I would keep it. They might not even notice. I bought a glider online & it was delivered . And then I got my credit card statement & they refunded my money. The company I bought it from sent me a letter that stated I returned the item (which I didn't). So I kept my mouth shut & got a free glider. Happy Holidays to you! =)

Andy M
If I were you I would keep hold of the other laptop (leave it in its packaging) then if they ask for it you can give it to them. But after about 3-6 months if they don't say anything then keep it :)

I'm not really sure what the legalities are of that, but maybe keep it in the box for a month and see if they contact you?

I don't see why ... maybe it's one of those "buy one get one free" deals

nah just call so dude asking why the package was delivered to u

N. in ATL
keep it, marry X-mass to you

there's this neat new thing called tracking. they'd know you have two.

Let's rephrase your question.

"May I keep an expensive item that was delivered to my house that I didn't order, didn't pay for, and does not belong to me? I only want to know if I will get in trouble or be forced to pay for it, which I don' t want to do, as I wish to receive something for nothing, at the expense of others".

I sincerely hope that if you do decide to keep it (steal it) that you are forced to pay for it by the company.

To ∞ N-Beyond
would you like it if someone took your package?

Nope. "Theft by Unlawful Taking and Unsworn Falsification" is what you could be charged with. It is a Class C Felony or if lenient a Class II Misdemeanor if you "retain" the merchandise.

The Sheriff is a-near!

No, you may not keep it.

You didn't pay for it, keeping it is stealing.

peace on earth
thats illegal, what if i took your laptop???

The question is SHOULD you keep it.

What do you think is the correct thing to do? What goes around, comes around. People that cheat, steal, or otherwise do dishonest things may THINK they are getting ahead, but in the long run it will NOT pay off.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

You will be blessed if you try to do what's RIGHT, not what you can "get away with".

Coach MOm
They will find out. They will track package and they will charge your credit card. I suggest if you don't wish to pay for two- then call Dell and tell them to send you a prepaid return label.

tuffy t

Binthere Doneit
There are no elements to a crime in this scenario. It sounds like they made a mistake. But know this if they discover the mistake they can charge you for the computer that you have already excepted.

It's not your property. You don't need a legal document to know that. The real question is what is the probability you would get caught if you kept it???

It was obviously an accident. people make mistakes. The honest thing to do is send it back. I actually work for the post office, delivering. If you decide you keep the item you may end up being charged for it. By accidently sending you twice, they'll end up catching up to you. If you open it and use it, its yours. they will have records that you only paid for one and may end up charging you for the second even though it was their mistake. happens all the time. Besides its the honest thing to do is to send it back. It was obviously an accident. It would be like if you Accidently gave the $300 ipod you bought for your brother for christmas to a coworker or something. It would have been your mistake. Just because it had their name on it doesnt mean they can keep it. You would take it back and apologize for your mistake right?? same deal here just with a huge company. It isnt right to keep it!!

Phoebe Finch
Once they realize the shipped you two items, and they probably will, you will either be charged for the second item or asked to return it. If it's open and used, there may be some problems with a return.

miss t
Geezzzzzzzz I guess you can - but that mistake may cost someone their job. Secondly, the loss will be passed on to us other consumers. Hmmmm, and frankly it's dishonest - I would contact them and tell them what happened. I like to go to bed at night with a clear conscience.

I think you should go to the service center and ask..On their site, of course.

if you paid for one and received two, don't be surprised if you receive another bill

Legally you are not allowed to keep property that you know is not yours and was delivered to you by mistake. Dell is very bad about customer service and hardly ever takes back computers people still owe for those who file bankruptcy, even after serious efforts to return them.

Send Dell a certified mail return receipt telling them you have the extra computer and they can pick it up or pay for return delivery. If you never hear from them, it will be yours. Be sure to give them a date by which they must take action - not the day after you mail the notice.

i think that they'll notice thier mistake eventually so you're better off calling them & letting them know before you get a surprise charge on your account.

you can find their customer service info at:


Jersey Guy
Well it sure proves where your values are to even ask such a question!

Legally no but Ethically a double no! You my friend are not to be trusted with anything. You just flew your true colors!

Edit: After reading the other answers, I find you have a lot of sleaze bag company on YA who cannot be trusted either! What a bunch of loosers! Do any of you have any ethics! But, I suppose you complain about Blago in chicago for his lack of ethics and morals! Yours are no better!

Because someone, or a computer makes an error, that does not give you the right to commit "Fraud"! What happens when you need service or sofware updates for it! They will surely find it then.

Congratulations to those who say send it back! to the others,well,----------Many thumbs down!

Proud Vet


Dan =]
If it was me I'd call Dell or wherever you ordered it from.
I'd want to do the right thing even if I knew I wasn't going to
get caught! But that's just me. You may do whatever you want.

It's legal but can you sleep well if you keep it?

I couldn't.

I would send it back or at least call and see what they want me to do.

You would want the same if you were on the other end.

Let your concious be your guide.

It's going to be neat for you to spend Christmas in jail, don't drop the soap!

KG = Lucky Duck!
It amazes me how many dishonest people there are here. Imagine you worked somewhere and you made an expensive mistake and lost your job because no one pointed it out. Yes, it's their mistake, but you have to do the right thing and return it. I once got all 4 of my kids back out of the car to go pay for a $1 thing that got left in the cart by mistake.

I won an item on eBay and it was sent out in properly I was refunded by pay pal and it shows up on my porch 15days later with box tampered unable to find out senders information never signed for it now I'm being charged felony theft by taking. Arrested and cash bond 5500 I dont have a record what am facing

I am no lawyer but let me make a couple points to all the goody two-shoes that have posted replies, saying that you should spend your time, effort, and money to return the extra computer: 1. It was Dell's mistake alone. 2. Dell employs people who's full-time responsibility is to process orders. 3. Dell makes BILLIONS of dollars each quarter in profit. For the third fiscal quarter of 2010 they made $15.4 billion. I had the same thing happen to me; Amazon sent me an extra large package worth about $300. I did not sign for it; they left it on my doorstep. I have a family and a demanding job; I do not have the time to waste correcting the mistakes of a billion dollar company. I do not even have the tape to prepare the box; let alone the time to drive it to a shipping office. If the law says it is your responsibility to return the extra package; I believe that is wrong.

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