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If someone threatens to kill you, what can you legally do?
Find answers to your legal question.

If someone threatens to kill you, what can you legally do?

What criminal prosecutory actions and charges can be filed? What civl damages can be pursued?


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SUE THEM!!!!!!!!!

stay away from trouble

You ask, I answer
were there witnesses?
was it verbal? or in person? or in writing?
has it happened more than once?

all of these need to be taken into consideration. sometimes it needs to happen more than once for the police to be able to do anything, unfortunately.

you still need to go to the police to file a report. that way, it is on file should anything else happen.

Well, you can legally report to the police. Just explain what the person looks like. They'll try to track the person down. They'll put some heav y charges on the person, or send them to jail. Hope you live!

It would be a perfect time to phone the lawyer...you, as an American citizen have a right to be safe at all times, and it is illegal to make such threats. Nobody should ever have to tolerate threats like that...

Go to the cops, file a report, go to the prosecutor get a personal protection order and then buy a big gun.

get a restraining order

Press charges for assault
According to the law, assault is when someone threatens you, Battery is when they act on those threats.
also restraining orders are also useful.

A death threat is a criminal offence. Call the police, have the person arrested.

Civil action? Are you kidding? Somebody threatens your life and you're thinking about money?

press charges. i hope this did not happen to you.

call the cops.

mr. dorkface
not much unless they've been doing it with frequency... if it's spoken.. you can call the police and file it with them.. and every time it happens just contact the authorities.

now if you have writen notes... other physical objects/documents stating, proving this act is happening then you keep those, contact the police talk to them and it is time to get a lawyer.

i think after a period of time with the evidence (if it's provided) you can press charges for harrassment and assault.

it can be tough. but if any physical contact has been made or there's proof of any type make sure this is all documented and you file with the local authorities each and every time.

the more information the better.

these things can be tricky.. most times they're not taken seriously... everyone threatens... just you must prove if this is more serious..

you may want to contact someone in the police department to get more information. that would be the best bet since they are your local police and they may be the ones who will have to take care of this if / when the time comes.

they can give you the low down on what to do, expect in these situations and how they can handle it and what you will need in order to persue the individuals who are threatening you.

They could actually be sued and you could get a slip that says they have to stay a certain distance from you at all times

Depends on what happened. Charges could be as serious as aggravated assault or as minor as telephone harassment or nothing at all. It's difficult to say without more information.

My advice would be to contact the police and tell them everything. You may be able to get a restraining order against the person in question. Even if you don't pursue that route, I'd strongly recommend telling the police anyway.

My brother is threaten by someone who keep threaten to kill him, what steps should he take in order to feel safe in his surrounding.

someone i work with threatened to poison my food at work whaat should i do now

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