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If you quit a job, can your former employer refuse to mail your last paycheck?
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If you quit a job, can your former employer refuse to mail your last paycheck?

I walked on my last job because I was fed up with being treated poorly. I requested my last paycheck be mailed. Can they deny this request and make me have to physically pick it up? Or is there something I could back myself up with to say that they have to put a stamp on it and stick it in a mailbox?
Additional Details
i just spoke with the corporate office for my company (I work for Gold's Gym), and they will be sending my pay check.


Sure, the employer can refuse to mail it. Why would they want to spend the cost of a stamp and envelope on someone who doesn't give a **** about them?

Go pick up the check.

robert d
Absolutely not, they have to pay you for every single hour you worked as well as providing a payslip etc.
Go to your union.
Or someone high withing the company
i.e. Human resources manager

Mammy Jammy

No, they cannot refuse. You have the right to have your final paycheck mailed. The above url is a site that answers that and many more questions on final paycheck rules/laws.
Good luck!

jack of all trades
Yes, they can make you pick up the check in person.

Gerhard G
Remember the employer also have rights,And no they are not obliged to post it most companies pay it into your acc.will that not do?Did you stick to your part of the contract Did you give a month notice or notice as stated by the company?

If its small company, and you requested it, they have something like 48 hours to send you your last check in the mail. If you dont' receive it go to the unemployment office and talk to them and they will contact your employer for you.
If its a big company call Human Resources(a fancy name for payroll department) request the final check be mailed to you but you may not get it until the next pay period in their case.

In most cases you have to go pick it up, because there is some paperwork for you to sign. (It could be insurance termination, refund of a uniform deposit, etc). It is very very rare that an ex-employer will mail it to you.

just go pick it up ...

In most states it is your responsibility to pick up your last check. While some employers will mail your check, most states do not require them to do so. Just go pick up the check and save yourself the grief.

Yeah, just go pick up the check.

They don't have to mail it unless that's what they did with all your paychecks. If you picked them up in the past then you have to go pick it up now.

Little_Mami _Chula_31
If I were you I would go and pick it up. They may not mail it for months on end. Trust me I have been through this before. Just walk in there get what you worked for and be done with them for good. Your bills can not wait until they are ready to mail it.

Let me tell you briefly what happened to me. Employer stated that she mailed it..waited 3months and nothing. Had to go into the establishment with a police officer and low and behold she handed me my paycheck. Stated that she never got around to mailing it that she was too busy!

Nothing, You are to be paid; many businesses hand over the last check to avoid any arguments about a final check "lost in the mail:

So what happens if you quit, gave your notice at work then move out of state before it's time to pick up your last paycheck in person? My sister-in-law even offered to send a self addressed stamped envelope for the employer to put her check in to mail it to her and he said no.

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