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If your caught using someones urine for a drug test is it against the law....?
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If your caught using someones urine for a drug test is it against the law....?


Bosco: Invisible Question Guy
I don't especially want to have anyone else's urine...

Dead Man Inc.
depends on what the test is for, maybe yes or no, if it is government, yes, just a regular job, no they would just fire you.

In Illinois Thats a Felony

i wouldnt know. there is always a nurse in the room watching me....oh shall i say "helping" me.

It depends who is admistering it,if it is parole,no..But could result in a violation,which they will proubly c.o.p u anyway's.That goes with probation as well,same thing could happen.
But if its the courts,it is not against the law,but it is or could be one of ur stipulations,its a condition put on by what ever entity,not a law..

Yes it is a standard drug test is meant for the individual that was required to take it. using someone else can result in jail time.

Depends on what the drug test is for. If it's court ordered, then yes it is against the law. If it's part of getting a new job, then no, you will not get arrested (but you probably will not get the job).

falsifying evidence is arrestable offence

Mike H Music Man in New Orleans
Yep - I don't know what the penalty is but it is falsifying records.

There are just sooooooo many ways to get myself in trouble with this question. Thanks for the invite!

the wise young man
yes and it you may have trouble if you get away with it. you may have a sickness it doesn't catch or the other person may and it will catch that and say it's you. i've heard a story about pregnacy in a man.

David M
Only if the drug test is for a court supervised probation. Then you could face sanctions. If it is for employment then you will just lose your job.

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