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In a rental unit, who is responsible for paying the water bill - landlord, or tenant?
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In a rental unit, who is responsible for paying the water bill - landlord, or tenant?


Chris L
If it were left up to the Democratic party the taxpayer would be responsible.

Ian M
It depends on the lease. Some have a set price added to the rental fee to cover utilities, but this is most often not true. In the house I'm currently renting, all the utilities are in the landlords name, so she pays the actual bills, we just get the cost of the bills and reimburse her. The best bet would be to check the lease and see what provisions are listed.

Depends on where you live. Water is cheap in the midwest so it's usually included. You may have to pay yourself if you live in the southwest. Look at your lease.

but there are exeptions

yup - everyone seems to be steering you in the right direction - dheck your lease.

tenant. if the landlord pays it, it will just be added on to your rent

♥ †@ÿŁƏƏ♥
depends whats in your lease, plus the landlord can change this at any time.

You have to decide that in the rental agreement,it could go either way.

Depends on what's in the lease.

Some places, the landlord takes care of it and in some places, the lease says the tenant is responsible.

It depends on your Lease agreement, that is decided between Landlord and Tenant and should be spelled out.

AsianPersuasion :)
It depends. It should say in the lease. Sometimes water is included and sometimes not.

It should say on your lease, but in all the apartments I have rented I have had to pay it.

It depends on the rental agreement, but the great majority of the time, the landlord takes care of it.

Depends on the landlord. It's up to them.

depends on the contract of your lease terms agreement.

Angel B
That would depend on if you are in a Furnished Apt or not and then sometimes even in a furnished Apt u still may have to pay some utilities , but this should ALL be in your Lease refer to that. And please for your own protection make sure their is a lease and you UNDERSTAND it FULLY

depends on what you have sign to, look at your lease, or rental agreement and it will tell you if your water is included or if you have to pay for it.

It should be specified in your lease. In large apartment buldings, often cold water is paid by the landlord or management, and you have to pay for the energy (gas, oil, or electric) to make hot water if the hot water heater is dedicated to your apartment. If there is a common hot water heater for several apartments, then the cost for heating the water is usually included in the rent or divided among the apartments. Either way, it should be specified in your lease.

In a single family building, like a house, the tenant usually pays for all of the utilities such as hot and cold water, gas or oil, electricity, telephone, etc.

Check your contract or lease. It should have been made clear there. If not, you will have to work it out with the landlord.

This is determined by the Landlord. However, this information should be conveyed during the application process. If you have already signed a rental agreement, I would read through it carefully. Some portion of the paperwork you were given should detail the payments that the Landlord is responsible for. If you are looking for a place to rent, this is a question you can ask when you are interviewing them about what they can offer you as a tenant. Good Luck!

Scott C
I would say 99% of the time it is payed by the Tenant. Not to many rentals come with bills paid.

Only way to know is to look at your rental agreement!

Depends on the rental agreement.

scott j
From my experience in an apartment the water is included in the rent.
When I lived in a rental house or duplex, I had to pay for the water.

If it is in a apartment building the landlord should pay for the water bill, in a condo you pay for the water bill. But if you are renting a house then you pay the water bill.

it depends on the lease you've signed

Depends on your agreement.

depends on the agreement in your lease...look at that.

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