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Is it Legal for my 17 year old son to move out without my approval?
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Is it Legal for my 17 year old son to move out without my approval?

We live in Texas if that helps


Swole Scott
no offense, but at 17 i didn't have much say so on the situation... not to say you're a bad parent, but grow some balls and stand up to the kid


it's legal for anyone at any age to move out w/o approval!
actually, the law prohibits parents from keeping their kids home

so he doesn't need your legal permission

As much as you don't want him to leave let him go as he may be just fine or he will come back home.They have to grow up sometimes.You may still be responsible for him since he is still a minor.(as far as trouble if he gets in any)Being a parent isn't easy sometimes.Tough love

drew m
Im pretty sure he can emancipate himself at 16 but i think u need a legal process
Its legal to live at 18 tho

Love Canada
Kick him out, cut him loose, let him grow up

Courtney T
Unsure, but be careful because you could still have legal repsonsibility for his actions...

Well, I don't know the TX laws... but usually you have to be 18 to move out... so no.

Gypsy Girl
It's not technically legal, but there really isn't anything you can do about it. The police won't bring him home unless he is causing trouble somewhere and I doubt you could physically restrain him.

I suppose he can leave, but in most places you can't sign a lease or get credit, etc., if you're under 18. So, if he moves out, where's he going to live, and how?

Yes in england its 16 I think :-/

i don't know, i think he'd be considered a runaway. If he just turned 17 though, is 12 months really going to make that much of a difference?

Kayleigh's Mommy
he can have him self legally removed from your care as a parent so yes it is possible

not 100% sure with your state but yes.. i know in georgia its fine to do at 17.

Isaac F
Im from San Antonio TX and yes he can move out. He is legally an adult in TEXAS. SO if he leaves you cant report him as a runaway. I know this because my uncle is a lawyer in San Anton and we know many SAPD officers in our family so that is my proof. If he wants to move out let em. He will come back with his tail tucked you know what I mean? It is hard out there and he will learn like so many of us do, until he is face down in hardship.

Man this rain huh? We need it!

Bensam B.
no it's not, I think he has to emancipate himself first if he wants to do as he wants.

Alex J
yes only if he gets emancipated

Call your local police station to be sure, but I believe he can move out without your o.k. But I also think you are still financially responsible for him till 18.

you can't have him arrested for it.
depending on the state ( and how busy the police are) you might be able to get the police to bring him home.

I wouldn't think so.

Im not sure about texas but I do know that in arizona a person of seventeen can legally emancipate him or herself provided they have stable income and logistical reasons for wanting to do so beyond minor disagreements. He has to present his case before a judge and it may or may not be granted

He is almost a legal adult and can do as he wishes with his life, with or without your approval. I would allow him to do what he wishes, I left home at 15 and my mother couldn't be happier, even though my parents make well into the 7 digit range. It wasn't about the issue of personal wealth or worth as much as respect for your child's decisions. Only himself can learn from his own mistakes.

I guess if he gets emancipated and shows the judge he can take care of himself. If not then he has to stay with you.

I believe the answer is yes. In Texas, you are considered an adult at age 17.

La Wai
I don't think so, but I'm not sure about TX law.

Cory D
As according to this page, 17 is the youngest someone can move out without permission or emancipation in Texas.

I have to wonder, why would you want to keep your son there if he doesn't want to be there? If he's not ready to leave, he'll soon find that out on his own.

Divine V
Moving out in Texas

In the state of Texas you are considered an adult at 17 years old. There are some issues however. If you are going to move out when you are 17 you must be able to support yourself and have a place to live. You can't be hopping around to Billy's house and Joe's house the next night. You have to have a permanent place to stay. If you are still in school you must continue to go, you must have a form of transportation, and you must be able to support yourself as far as money goes. Of course, you won't be able to get your own apartment because you have to be 18 to sign all the paperwork and such but a friend could do it for you. Take my word for it. I had a friend move out at 17 and I was going to at one time; I had talked to the local police officers. The age of which you can move out in texas is 17 years of age as long as you tell your parents you are safe and okay because I'm living with my boyfriend this summer but I'll still be attending school, my parents are okay with me leaving.

At 17 the only thing the police can make you do is contact your parents or guardians and tell them that your ok and where your at. They will not force a 17-year-old back home.

can i move out when i turn 17 which is in a month and i live in texas..ill be moving in with my uncle

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