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Is it against the law to open up and throw away someone's mail?
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Is it against the law to open up and throw away someone's mail?

I live at a different house and rent for the time being, I check my recent house mail all the time for my mail and business mail and a lot of my physical stuff is still there. My step-mother opened up mail directly to me and threw it away. Is there anything I can do?


yes it is illegal.why dont you go to the post office and change your address so you can have your mail forwarded to your new address.

de viking
yeah, have u filled out a change of address form from the post office? and yeah it is illegal to open other peoples mail--
have ur mom forward (cross out the old address and put ur new address on it) ur mail to u

yes it's a federal offense. but she's your step-mom so tell her to hold your mail until you get it forwarded. it's easy to forward your mail. Go to the post office and fill out a card and within a few weeks you will start receiving all your mail.

find some of the mail she opened and take it to the post office to let them know what she did. they should handle it from there. while you are there get a p o box and do a change of address to the p o box starting immediately

Blue Eyes
Go over to her house and open her mail and throw it away and see how she likes it. And yes, it is against the law but very hard to prove.

Thin King
empty her trash on her floor and tell her u love her, almost no cop is gonna lock granny up

It is unlawful to open mail addressed to someone else.

Yes it is contact your local post office.

report her to the mail man and find a way to not have your mail sent where a crazy disrespectful person with boundary issues can open up and read it

no one but you unless you give your okay should open your mail.

Did you NOT turn in a change of address with the USPS? You should have your mail forwarded to your current residence. That makes a lot more sense to me.

It's a federal offense.

Yea that is illegal!!!!! Mail is personal and private! You could probably turn her into the cops if you really want something done about it!

ya no-one will know if you do it but it is a felony. Call the post office they'll figure it out.

It is illegal, but difficult to prove unless she willingly admits it. Go to the post office and put in a change of address, and have your mail delivered to a PO box.

opening up someone elses mail is a federal offence, get your mail held at the post office. notify them and they will have you fill out a form. And you can pick it up directly there.


Robin L
Yes it is against the law. It is a federal law.

i believe this is a felony

yes. just plainly it is.

FRY HER ***!!!

Opening someone elses mail is against federal law. If you want to do something about it, you can either sue her, or go the the magistrate and press charges.

practical thinking
In America, yes. It is a federal offense to tamper with mail. If you can show she knew the mail was NOT directed to her and that it was directed to you, and the opening was intentional, you can press charges. If it was an accident, you still might be able to sue in a civil case for loss of business, but you might not win, they might tell you to get a PO Box and keep your business and personal mail separate.

it is a federal offense, contact your police department. hope you have proof though

it's a federal offense report it the the post office so they can investigate. they will determine to what extent she will be charged or if she will be charged.

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