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Is it illegal for an employer to fire you because you cannot work on Sundays, due to religous reasons?
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Is it illegal for an employer to fire you because you cannot work on Sundays, due to religous reasons?



Alyssa Marie's mom
yes it is illegal, and if you were fired for that you can SUE SUE SUE

Need more information than that. Firstly, if you are full time permanent employee and when you were hired Sunday was not a day you were meant to work than they can't fire you for that. But if you are a casual, then yes because casuals need to be available as much as possible. And if you are a casual, they don't even have to fire you, they can just not give you anymore hours which is legal. I need more information to give you a correct answer so you can email me. Let me know where you live, if you are full-time/part-time/casual, what was said to you at the interview when they hired you, what paperwork you have signed and anything else that seems important.

We just don't have enough info to answer this question.

Were you part-time or full time? Were you hired to work on Sundays or did they change your hours? What state do you live in (difference between worker's rights and right to work.)?

We just don't have enough info. If you really think you've been wronged contact your local Legal Aid and tell them what has happened. They can answer better than anyone here.

Not illegal. If you can't work the hours he needs, he doesn't need you. You want rights at work? Organize.

If at the time you were hired they told you that the job would require that you work weekends, and you did not tell them at that time that you were unable to work Sundays and ask this as a religious accommodation, and it would be a business hardship on them to do this for you, then yes, they can let you go. Could you sue? Possibly, you would need to prove that your being off of work every Sunday did not cause them problems with the business. (Staffing issues, financial hardship to work one person short)

Bob P
It may depend on the original contract of hire. If your contract specified that you would work only weekdays then you may have a good legal basis in keeping your job for refusing to work on Sundays.

If your contract stated that working on Sunday was a reasonable possibility then the employer may have a good basis to terminate the contract. But things can be worked out - see below.

There is a city in southern California which has no mail delivery on Saturday; it does have delivery on Sunday.

Why? Much of the population of that city & its postal carriers are Mormon. So, it is possible to work around religious differences.

Under US law, they can't discriminate on the basis of religion. They CAN discriminate on the basis of being unwilling to work the hours they need covered. If working Sundays is prohibited by your religion, I submit working for a company that asks you to work Sundays also violates your religion.

I do not know if it was illegal, but you should not have put him into that position. It was unfair to him being in that position. What was he to do? Give ALL his Christian workers Sunday off? How was he to keep his business going? He chose the route of least resistance and fired you.

If it is vital to you and your religious views that you do not work on Sunday, then you should not take a job that has that requirement.

You are coming across like a Muslim, insisting those around you who are not Muslim make concessions for YOUR faith.

It is YOUR faith so you should fix the problem. If having Sunday off is your priority, find a job that does not require you to work on Sunday.

I doubt it's illegal. If the job hours don't fit, how can you fill it? Why would you even go for an interview for a job where you are unable to work the hours necessary? Plenty of jobs which do not require working on Sunday. Go for one of those.

That depends. If you signed a contract saying you could work Sundays, then you are in breach.

No! If the job requires work on Sunday, you have to work or get a different job.

Religious reasons are not a valid reason to miss work you have been scheduled to do.

A business open on any holiday, religious or otherwise, has to have employees willing to work. If you are not willing to work the shift you are need to work. Don;t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out the door.

You can ask to take leave you are due to coincide with religious festivals or obligations. The more notice you can give the better when asking for leave.

Remember you are entitled to at least four weeks annual leave each year if you work a full-time five day week (or 2.5 weeks if you work half time or six weeks if you work a six.

Muslims requesting extended leave for the hajj pilgrimage could ask to save up their leave or to take unpaid leave.

Employers may be able to refuse requests which conflict with real business needs that cannot be met in any other way. If they turn down a request for leave that cannot be justified by a legitimate business need they may be discriminating against you.

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