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Is it illegal to date a 18 year old if you are a minor?
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Is it illegal to date a 18 year old if you are a minor?

Me and my friend live in ohio, I used to date her brother .He just turned 18. She is dating someone who is 18. I am 15, i turn 16 in april.She turns 17 in may. We have our parents consent, is there anyway the cops can do anything. Someone said that if you are 18 then you can date anyone over the age of 13. We recentlty just broke up with them, because we are scared, and we dont want to put them in jail.


I believe that your parents would have to press charges against the boys. I do not think the cops can just randomly arrest you for dating someone that is a minor. You said you have your parents consent-you should ask them to look into this for you. I bet if your high school has a liason officer, he/she would know.

Angela F
Yes, honey it is illegal rather your parents approve or not. The boys are adults, you are not.

They used to call this Statutory Rape, but it is almost never enforced anymore. You, your parents and probably a team of social workers would all have to come down on the hapless guy to get him in trouble.


It depends on your state law. In most states if one of the parties is a minor and the other is 18 or older but the age difference is less than 4 years then it is "legal".
If the parents of the minor consent to the two dating, then the authorities wont step in anyway. Its generally the parents of the minor who would press charges.

Only parents can press charges and it varies by states but most states say that as long as the ages are within 4 years that it is not illegal.

i think it is ok

by law yes it is illeagal, if he does do anything to you against your concent it is considered rape...but i had a situation similar to that one. i was just turning 17 and my boyfriend was just turned 19. one day he picked me up from school for lunch and parked in a parking lot thinking we were going to get a nooner in hehe...in the process a car pulled up next to ours and a man came out and opened the door to our car. turns out he was a district detective for the schools. he called the cops and let them know what we where up to. we both got tickets for disordely conduct. they said they gave us a break by giving us a disordely, we where supposed to get indecent exposure tickets but they reduced it and changed the type. but anywho. since i was 17 and concented to what we wehre doing they didnt charge him for stagetory rape. now on the otherhand, if your parents wanted to do something about it, then it could be somehting different. cause when i got home from school that day, i had to tell my dad otherwise the detective was going to. the detective called and told my dad and my dad was interested in putting my boyfriend into jail for this, he hated the guy....but thats not the way it worked out. i dont think the law really cares about it, its just when it causes problems like teens getting prego w/an older guy and leaves them...abuse , rape adn other ****, kinda can save someones *** to know this info...you should look up the laws about it in ohio....k

Im no expert on this, but from what i understand 16 is the legal age of consent in most of the country now. Thus 18 and 16...as long as the parents arent complaining........
Ah to hell with it. find someone your own age. In a couple years when both of you are over 18 hook up and have fun then.

If you are consenting, and your parents are ok with it, then who is going to report you to the cops? Although it may be technically illegal, the cops aren't going to wire tap you to find out who you're dating. When people get into trouble, it is because someone brings the situation to the police and files a complaint.

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