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Is it illegal to turn down rolled coins?
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Is it illegal to turn down rolled coins?

Say you pay all of your rent in regular ol green money BUT $5 of your rent in rolled coins and they don't accept the coins and don't take partial payment. It is US Currency - They refuse your payment in full because of coins - I have heard that if you go to pay a bill like this and they refuse your money you don't have to pay it and you can sue them if they try to sue you or in this case, evict you. Is it true and can you send me links? I live in Tennessee.
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Please answer quickly if you can :o)


If thats the only form of money you have to pay with, they have to accept it.

I'm no lawyer, but money is money. They should be bound to accept it.

I think money is money no matter what it looks like. But i understand that if you are collecting rent, you can refuse to take the money until it is in the form of a check or green dollars.
If you run into this problem, i would go to a bank and get green dollars for it. Would you want someone to give you $100 (200 rolls) worth in pennies?? It would be funny, but imagine carrying that to the bank.

Coins are a form of cash, like it or leave it. if he won't take it, go to a friggin bank and exchange it for a 5 dollar bill.

I've ran into it before where a store won't take rolled coins at LEAST without your name address and phone number on the roll. Incase say you decide to try and pull a fast one on the company.

For example. If it is a roll of quarters you could put a few quarters on each end then stuff the rest with slugs or something else. Then the company is taking a hit.

I've taken change while working at a store, however I will either break open the roll, and count the change, or at least get contact info written on the side of the roll.

However I'm not sure the precise LEGAL agreement/ruling on this.

Voice of Liberty
No. Its dumb that they will not accept it, but it is not illegal. The same goes for not having change: If you go to the store and try to buy a soda and hand them a $50 bill and they can't make change, they have no obligation to sell you the soda.

100% ♥Creole♥
i am not sure, but i do believe that it is illegal, because it is considered currency. however, individual PRIVATE OWN companies may have their own guidelines that can approved by the government! I'm sure it's one of those "footnotes" somewhere, down in the bottom of their company's policies!

No one is obligated to accept any particular denomination of currency. They can refuse any denomination they wish.

if they don't take coins then go and exchange the coins at a bank or someplace.

Aunt Henny Penny
No it is not illegal to turn down rolled coin. Many establishments do not accept rolled coin, for they have no idea what is really in each roll. My establishments have been cheated by people who put tokens in the roll instead of quarters. Take your roll of coins to the bank you bank at and ask them to exchange them for dollars, or just take the coin out of the roll and count it out for your landlord so they can see it is all there. If they still do not accept the payment then I would say you might have a case against them.

I don't think there's a law about it, but I do know for sure that a business owner has the right to refuse payment of a certain type -- for example, if they are cash-only, or don't accept checks. As for rent, I would imagine that they would rather you pay it in a check or money order, but obviously they accept cash as well at this place.
I am POSITIVE that there is no law that says that "they refuse your money you don't have to pay it and you can sue them if they try to sue you or in this case, evict you." If they refuse to accept coins, then take the coins down the street to the bank or the local convenience or grocery store and get cash. It certainly doesn't mean you don't have to pay. And if you don't pay rent the way they want it, they absolutely can evict you. Just pay the cash -- or better yet, get a checking account.

Darth Vader
Then don't roll the coins. Bring them in box.

Brian A
Businesses, etc, are only forced to accept cash for DEBTS OWED. You rent is not a debt owed, but an advanced payment to live their for the next month, hence the landlord can specify no coins or cash as he pleases.


What you heard is wrong. Coins are legal U.S. tender but a landlord can ask that you pay your rent in a specific way. Most people will not accept rolled coins. They will ask you to break the roll and count it out. Think about the additional burden and waste of time if everyone in your building paid the rent in pennies. Although you might not like it the landloard is the Lord of the Land.

I would read the lease. If it is not in there, you should be able to pay the next day. If you get evicted, I would stay and seek legal aid.

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