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Is it legal to marry your step sibling?
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Is it legal to marry your step sibling?

My second question would be do you personally think it is ethical for two stepsiblings to date?
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This isn't a personal question, I was watching a show where there are numerous stories on the web depicting two step siblings in love so i was just curious if it was legal and ethical.


Honey, it might be legal but please...don't go there. Do you really want to be the person who got involved with a sibling? If you move to another town it might be okay; but if you live in a small town and plan to stay--think twice.

Might not be popular and what you want to hear but I'm trying to be honest. Don't let your heart go there.

Choose wisely in this situation! :-)

it might be legal.. but its also repulsive........

it is not " YOU CAN DO IT "

Ken C
Yes it is Legal. And hey, Greg and Marsha on the "Brady Bunch" did it so what the heck?
Would be kinda creepy to me though...

Marcia and Greg got it on...

It is against the law of some religions, and it is also against the law in some states. You need to check specifically where you reside for more information. There is no national or international standard. This is kinda one of those borderline areas, where most people would frown upon it, but not every state has a law.

Yes its legal as you are not technically related. Just be prepared for blowback.

Sure it's legal!

I grew up with 1 sister, 2 step sisters, a half brother and a half sister. We all considered ourselves full sisters and brothers. 1 sister and I were less than 9 months apart, and did THAT ever get comments! We double dated, watched out for each other, and had a great time. At one point, we considered getting married. We were very close. We didn't. It was probably for the best. What can I say? For us, it would not have been the best. For you? Maybe.... Why would it be unethical? But is it the best for you? Who can say...

On the other hand, why not try dating others, and giving it a couple of years? If after that (those) experience(s), you two are still all for each other, go for it!!

Contact me at www.askpete.com Ha :)

Step is not blood, so should be legal. Personally family is family to me blood or not.

We believe that in this situation it would be unethical (although it would still be legal),

If there was a man who has a child (0-10) (say a boy) and a woman who has a child also of a similar age (a girl). If the parents get married and the children grow up as brother and sister and then they have a relationship

To the best of our knowledge this is how it stands .

Between two STEP siblings there is no law against them having a relationship or being married. Legally there is only a problem if the siblings are blood related, even then siblings are able to have a relationship but are not allowed to conceive a child. We're sure this is how it is in the uk.

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