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Is your employer allowed to deduct 30 min. (from your pay) for lunch ?
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Is your employer allowed to deduct 30 min. (from your pay) for lunch ?


jaspreet k
yes,ofcourse.he dedicates all his time for doing my work,so it becomes my duty to let him live his own life.I won't hesitate to give him an hour or more.

in georgia, you are by law allowed a 30 minute unpaid or paid( is up to your employer) lunch, if you work more than 5 hours straight.

It is . . .
Here is your answer. Remember, that federal law does not require breaks, and federal law supersedes all laws. However, there are still state laws that supplement federal law, where federal law has not spoken on that issue.


barbra m


The Advocate
That depends on your state laws. They vary drastically from one state to the next. California, and I believe New York, have the most regulations regarding lunches and breaks. Most states, however, do allow your employer to not pay you for lunch. Some do not even require your employer to provide you with a lunch break, much less a 10 or 15 minute break. Google the National Labor Relations Board website.

yup... otherwise, dont take a lunch

Laws on that varies from state to state and weather the company you're working is under a union which has a bargaining agreement and includes break on it, which they usually do, but ask the human resource where you work about that, you have the right to know. It also depends on the company and they usually let you know on the day you start your training and orientation.

Federal labor law mandates that you are to receive (2) 15 minute breaks during an 8 hour shift and (1) for 7.99 hours or less ,with a minimum of 4 hours to get (1)15 minute break.If you take lunch and want to get 8 hours on the clock,then you would have to be on the job 8.5 hours,45 minutes 8.75 hours, and 1hour would be 9 hours period.Your employer may pay you for lunch at their discretion.If you are on the job for 8.5 hours and do not get a 30 minute lunch then they owe you for 8.5 hours.Simply you have to work the additional time you lunch takes to get a full 8 hour day,if you don't get lunch and work 8 hours then that's all they owe you,they are only in violation if you work for example 8.5 hours but do not get a 30 minute lunch and are only paid for 8 hours.Irregardless of what state your in ,because this is federal law.

Your employer is only obligated to offer you a lunch period if your shift exceeds 8 hours. Your employer is NOT obligated to pay you. Thus, most employers require their hourly employees to clock-out during the lunch period and then clock back in, so that they are not eating lunch while still on the clock.

Yes...Some employers actually force you to punch in and out for your lunch and breaks too.

No. if you work eight hours, the federal government REQUIRES you to take a 30 min lunch...and you either get paid for it, or you just clock out during lunch. Most people pay you for your lunch...A person can't deduct 30 min pay from your weekly wages...

There is a lunch recess of 30 minutes in most of the civilized countries,where labour laws are applicable.

yep they take out 30 mins for us even if we dont get the whole lunch, once i only got 15 mins. of my lunch and when i put in my card for a no lunch i got suspended. i work for an airline in case you wondered they screw us every chance they get

That depends on your union contact and your stat or provincial laws.

You are required to take a lunch, so they can have you clock out for it, but if they had you working during that time, than they are having you work on the clock, which is illegal. ^_^

ADDED: you normally have to take a break for a certain amount of time (I believe 8 hours = 30 min lunch, but it can differ)

Absolutely. You are not working for your employer while eating, so why should your employer be required to pay you?
It is not a "deduction", because you are not "on the clock" during lunch.
On the other hand, if you are compelled to work through lunch, you should be paid overtime for the lost personal time.

kristal d

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