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Questionnaire about Animal Testing?
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Questionnaire about Animal Testing?

I'm working on a project for Biology and I need to have at least 25 people answer these questions about their opinion of animal testing. Thanks!
1. Do you think animal testing is ethical or unethical?
2. Would you buy a product it you knew that it had been tested on animals?
3. What are your reasons for your point of view on animal testing?
4. Would you take part in a protest against animal testing?
5. On a scale of 1 – 10, how serious of an issue do you think animal testing is? (How concerned you are, not how big of an issue other people make it)

Also I need to know your age, gender, education, and occupation. My teacher asked me to include this information in my report so I can sort the information and see how people of different ages, genders, etc.. view animal testing. The group of people I need answers from the most is teenage guys. But answers from anybody are welcome.

Also, except for number 3, I prefer yes or no answers, but if your opinion is strongly in the middle, that's okay.

Thanks again!! =)


1. neither really... but of the 2 choices I would say ethical.
2. yes, anyone that says otherwise is a liar. the majority of all medical products have been tested on animals at some point ... everything from zit cream to heart medicine.
3. people are more important than animals.
4. no
5. 1 (unimportant)

age - 38
college senior (BA on hold for family)

@cat ... in the US you would be in high school at 17

Dr. Wigglefarmer
Age: 21
Gender: female
Education: some college
Occupation: Animal welfare (For the Arizona Humane Society)

1) unethical
2) no
3) We do not need theses things, if you think they are that important put yourself up for research, not animals. Animals have no say in what people do to them, people do. What makes animals less important than humans?
4) yes
5) 7

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Education: (Not 100% sure what this means... I've done my GCSEs and I'm currently doing my A levels - I live in the UK)
Occupation: Sixth form student

1. unethical
2. Probably yes, but only because I never really think much about it
3. When you see images and film of animals being tested on it's sickening. I always think there MUST be other ways to find out things than testing on helpless animals. It seems so cruel, like torture and some labs don't even follow the codes they're meant to which means they put the animals through even more suffering. I don't see why we value human life so much over other life.
4. Yes
5. (I presume 1 = I am not concerned and 10 = I am very concerned) I'm afraid, boringly, I'd go for a middle 5 on the scale.

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Education: Completed high school, currently doing A levels.
Occupation: Sixth form student

1. Ethical in the case of medicine, not for cosmetics.
2. Yes, but only because there's limited choice.
3. At the end of the day, a human life takes priority over animals. I support testing and research on animals for medicine purposes, although I think they rely on it too heavily and they use it too much - it may actually have a negative impact, for example, if penicillian was only just discovered, it wouldn't get through the animal testing, because cats and other animals are allergic to it. Cosmetics should not be tested on animals. We have the ability to create safe cosmetics without testing on them, and using computers to test them instead, it just happens to be more expensive. However, as these are multinational corporations which provide a product which only benefits insecurity and vanity, I don't see why they can't pay to make their products ethical.
4. No, probably not. Animal activists can do more harm than good, for example the release of mink into the UK. I may oppose it, but I don't see that a protest would help anything.
5. 4

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