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Shoplifting court questions from judge...?
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Shoplifting court questions from judge...?

Hi, a friend of mine recently got caught shoplifting. she is a very smart and overall good person, just made a stupid mistake. she is very nervous for an upcoming court date and wants to be prepared for whatever the judge says or asks her.

so i'm asking: do you know ANY possible questions the judge may ask regarding a shoplifting case? any feedback would be great, and thank you. :)


2009-07-31 05:01:58 +0000
The judge probably wont ask her anything. Tell her to go to Duty Counsel and they will speak for her. Just tell Duty Counsel how sorry you are and how you have a lot going for you and you will never make this stupid mistake again. The duty counsel will help you from there, but the worst case scenario is that the judge asks you if you have anything to say to the courts. You just say that you have learned a lot from this experience, and you definately learned the consequences of your actions (eg: a criminal record, loss of job, family stress and problems). Say that you are sorry and if he/she would have mercy you will make sure you never do it again.

First offence? She will be fine.

2009-07-31 04:52:27 +0000
he will probably ask her why she did it, why she thought it was okay, he will definitly ask her what she thinks her punishment should be

she'll probably just be fined.

2009-07-31 04:52:03 +0000
since it her first offence idk

2009-07-31 04:50:43 +0000
whatever she may ask just say

Gangster Rap made me do it.

2009-07-31 04:52:38 +0000
the judge will almost definitely not ask her any questions other than her name the lawyer or civil defence will do the talking.

2009-07-31 04:54:36 +0000
Just don't deny any wrongdoing and take all blame for whatever you did. If you don't, the judge will be extra pissed. They hate excuses because they hear them all the time and even if yours is legitimate, they probably won't believe you. So just stick to the basics and be as humble as YOU possibly can. Maybe tell them that you are pursuing places to do community service so he thinks that you are trying to make up for your mistake on your own.

2009-07-31 04:52:13 +0000
what did you shoplift why did you do it when and more

2009-07-31 04:53:12 +0000
danq how many times have she shoplifted because i shop lifted and got caught two times and didn't get to go to court and this is probly going to go on her record. but there probly going to ask her if her in tension was to steal and shes going to have to answer and make a good reason why shes not going to steal again or sum thing but it depends on the age?

2009-07-31 04:53:04 +0000
There are so many petty criminal cases that are put through a court in a single day, most likely the judge won't even talk to her, just in, fill out some papers, and then out the door. If the judge does say anything at all, the question will require a "yes" or "no" answer only.

2009-07-31 04:52:06 +0000
Tell her to tell the judge shes addicted to crack then they'll likely let her go because of "reasonable need" lol

2009-07-31 04:56:59 +0000
Well. This is what she can do before she goes to court:

Standard answer

Here are some hints on appearing in court:

Dress professionally in clean clothes.

Do not wear message shirts.

Don't chew gum, smoke, or eat. (Smokers...pot or tobacco...literally stink. Remember that before you head for court.)

Bathe and wash your hair.

Do not bring small children or your friends.

Go to court beforehand some day before you actually have to go to watch how things go.

Speak politely and deferentially. If you argue or dispute something, do it professionally and without emotion.

Ask the court clerk who you talk to about a diversion (meaning you want to plead to a different, lesser charge), if applicable in your situation. Ask about traffic school and that the ticket not go on your record, if applicable. Ask also about getting a hardship driving permit, if applicable. Ask about drug court, if applicable.

From marbol:


You forgot the one thing that I've seen that seems to frizz up most judges these days:

If you have a cell phone, make DAMN SURE that it doesn't make ANY noise in the courtroom. This means when you are talking to the judge AND when you are simply sitting in the court room.

If you have a ‘vibrate’ position on your cell phone, MAKE sure the judge DOESN'T EVEN HEAR IT VIBRATE!

Turn it off or put it in silent mode where it flashes a LED if it rings. AND DON'T even DREAM about answering it if it rings.”

(Better yet, don’t carry your cell phone into the courtroom.)”

Here are six stories that criminal court judges hear the most (and I suggest you do not use them or variations of them):

1. I’ve been saved! (This is not religion specific; folks from all kinds of religious backgrounds use this one.)

2. My girlfriend/mother/sister/daughter/wife/e… is pregnant/sick/dying/dead/crippled/crazy and needs my help.

3. I’ve got a job/military posting in [name a place five hundred miles away].

4. This is the first time I ever did this. (This conflicts with number 5 below, but that hasn’t stopped some defendants from using both.)

5. You’ve got the wrong guy. (A variation of this one is the phantom defendant story: “It wasn’t me driving, it was a hitchhiker I picked up. He wrecked the car, drug me behind the wheel then took off.” Or, another variation: “I was forced into it by a bad guy!”)

6. I was influenced by a bad crowd.


Public defender’s advice

2009-07-31 04:51:10 +0000
definitely he will ask why and she should act mature and state that she made a stupid mistake

2009-07-31 04:53:45 +0000
She needs to press upon the Judge that she regrets the behavior and that if the Judge can be lenient that she would be willing to make restitution and would swear that it would never happen again.

2009-07-31 04:56:22 +0000
Any and all answers the judge is going to ask can be resolved by finding the answer to "WHY did you shoplift?" chances are they're an upstanding citizen who doesn't NEED whatever they took so the judge is going to want to know WHY (whatever the reason, the more honest, the better). Also the judge is going to want to see the answers reflect a total admission of self awareness that stealing is wrong and the judge is going to want to see that the person is definetly not going to do it again, they've learned their lesson, and/or are going to take steps towards never doing it again.

Just tell them to really answer the question of Why? to themselves and regardless of the judge's questions, he will see that the person has confronted themselves about it and is holding themselves accountable.

2009-07-31 04:54:20 +0000
If it's court I'm guessing she's not a minor? If she is a minor well not much they can do but fine. In fact they may just give or a fine or an essay (yes sometimes this is done. Happened for someone who's mom couldn't pay the fine for her son who broke several laws). Yeah the basics, why, what did you plan to do with it, what was your motive for it, did you learn anything from it.

Yeah a lot of smart people make stupid mistakes and perhaps she'll learn from this one. This is what happens when you mess with the law. Hopefully she'll just get a fine to pay which is easy enough to do.

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