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Should I call the police for package theft? Do you know the penalty for this?
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Should I call the police for package theft? Do you know the penalty for this?

My neighbors purposefully stole a package of mine. The UPS guy was supposed to get a signature, but didn't. He did, however, specify who he left the package with (my neighbor). The package was being tracked. So I went downstairs and asked for my package, she pretended she didn't know what I was talking about, I proved it with the UPS info, and she gave back the package with a $40 outfit missing! She said she couldn't find it. She has no qualms about stealing from me or lying to my face (as has happened many times before).

I want to call the police or file a report because I have evidence she took it but my neighbors are violent, her brothers hit my landlord and my boyfriend before, my boyfriends brand new car was keyed, they sabotaged our washer and dryer. She is a convicted felon, so obviously I am afraid what they will do

BUT they are getting kicked out of the apartment in 10 days!

Should I just forget about the $40 and move on, or should I file a police report?
Additional Details
I can absolutely prove it. She gave back the package back with one outfit and the tags of the missing outfit were in the packaging! I got the tags back, but not the outfit. She received it and kept it, alright


Call the police and file a report! Don't allow them to get away with that!! That is a federal offense for tampering with US mail!

Marg C
Since they are leaving and she seems to have no concience i woulld let her keep on walking if you are a fraid of retalliation people like that dont care what they do so be careful you dont want to get hurt God forbid...Karma will take care of everything what goes around comes around.

Well just leave it alone....forget about it....what goes around comes around :)

FILE A POLICE REPORT!!!! MAIL TAMPERING IS A FEDERAL OFFENSE.....and u wont have to worry about repercussions because she will be in jail and u can file for a restraining order...

Holly Berry
You're not going to get your $40 back. They'll probably end up in jail for something else soon.

i'd call the police and tell them what you just said i don't know about with ups but with regular mail that would be a federal offense.also i would file a complaint with the ups

Forget it or contact the meanest people you or someone know and let them handle it.! The police understand thgese types, but in the uk there hands are tied.! You might contact UPS, they are ultimately responsible for delivery to the consignee and their insurance may reimburse you with a claim.

Messing with the mail is a serious fracture of the law. You should call the cops. They sound like the kind of people that will never change but they broke the law. Turn them in.

police report.
when u tlk to the cops tell them ur concerns.

I would forget about it because they seem like scary people. I would however call UPS and let them know that they did not follow procedure and see what they are going to do about it....in fact I would have had them get the package back.
It's 40 bucks and they are moving...I'd let it be because a lot more damage can be done to you and your property then 40.

Chuck G
If they're leaving in 10 days, forget about the 40 and move on. In the future, I'd have packages delivered to a post office box or your place of employment.

As you say,you have no proof that she stole it.
Try getting on to UPS explaining that the comtent pf the package had been pilfered,and asking as to why no one had signed for it,that usuallly means signing that the package was delivered securely packed. Always assuming that the article in question had definitely been packed in first place.
I can't see the police being interested as there is no proof of crime

Ron Akia
She was wrong in opening a package that she accepted on your behalf. With the amount being just $40 I would not call the police as they most likely won't do anything other than file a report unless she admits to the theft and/or the damage they caused. Even though you KNOW they did it, the police cannot prove this sufficiently to obtain a warrant for their arrest. There's no case.

As long as she is leaving the neighborhood in another 10 days I'd wait and hope for better neighbors. Hopefully the neighborhood will improve without them. If not, move.

However, on your behalf she is a convicted felon. Is she still on parole? She could be in violation of parole over the UPS incident. This could put her back in jail. But is it worth the aggravation? That's your call.

Oh, and if you do notify UPS and, persist in pursuing it with them, you could be placing the job of the driver on the line.

Good luck and I hope you get better neighbors.

First of all, what they did is a HUGE offense. The government crime and can land someone in prison for 25 years.

They sound like trash, maybe you shouldn't do anything because they might retaliate. Not sure though.

The right thing to do would be to call the cops.

That said, life isn't always fair. Do you really want the problems that might accompany a police report?

file a police report! who cares if they are getting kicked out, she's disrespecting you and stealing from you. I wouldn't be concerned at all about her if she doesn't give a damn about you.

Put that ***** in jail!

cinder a
Sometimes being right is not worth the problems, they are moving, i would let it go and be glad they are gone. But i would report it to UPS. they are liable they did not get Your signature and would ask for them to reimburse you for the loss.

If you purchased your outfit with a credit card, just dispute it with the card company. If they are violent, it certainly isnt worth risking your safety for 40.00 - just be happy they are leaving.

Mike to the Future!
Id file a report, like wtf she stole $40, i wouldnt care if it was 2 lol id still file a report

No need to forget your $40--if a signature was required and you never signed for the package, then you will either get your money back or still get the item you ordered. Companies and UPS have insurance to cover situations like this. But don't bother the police over this--it's between you, Bloomingdales and UPS.

1. First contact the company that you ORDERED the item from (Bloomingdales, whomever) and tell them you never received the item. Legally, it comes down to Bloomingdale's contract agreement with UPS.

2. Secondly, call UPS and tell them the whole story (including that the neighbors are being thrown out in 10 days). Although this step isn't necessary for getting your $40 back--Step #1 is enough--it's a courtesy thing to UPS because it lets UPS know what happened for their own information, and how to handle things in the future. UPS will be grateful for the information.

By the way, the UPS guy won't get in trouble for leaving the package with your neighbor and not getting your signature. The truth is that it often wastes a lot of a UPS delivery person's time to try to get an often-not-home person's signature, and this in turn wastes UPS Inc.s' money-- so UPS allows their delivery people to leave packages with neighbors, knowing that neighbors are usually honest and pass the packages on to the rightful recipient. Cost effectively, it's worth the risk to UPS, and UPS has insurance to cover the small number of creeps who lie and steal their neighbors' packages.

So just follow through, and you'll either get your item re-sent or your $40 refund.

OMG! The same thing happened to my neighbor about a month ago. The UPS company accidentaly dropped off a brand new mac computer at the neighbors instead of them, and didn't get a signature. So my neighbor came home expecting the computer for about two weeks. She called the UPS company, they ended up telling her they dropped it off at the wrong house. She first went and asked them. Then she called the police, and the people wouldn't even answer the door. They ended up coming out and they had took the computer. But, it wasn't charged as felany, because they didn't actually steal it. They just recieved a computer and kept it. So, what you should do, becaue it sounds like they have done this before, call the police and start off with the package. But, I bet there is more to the situation then the package.

Shaina~Clara ♥Kitty♥Cat♥Lover♥
I think you should file a police report.

Tampering with other people's mail is a FEDERAL offense!!!

no,I wouldnt move on grrrrrrr that is theft,the cheeky (bleep) Tell the police or post office

If you have proof you can call the non-emergency number and file a police report and with doing so let them know that they are violent people and you fear for your safety. If you let this go they will either do it to someone else or try to do something else to you. Stand up and protect yourself by using the law. So many people try to handle things like this on their own and then the end result is someone getting seriously hurt or dead.

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