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There is a military recruiting center in my town that i want shut down, how much trouble can i get in if..?
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There is a military recruiting center in my town that i want shut down, how much trouble can i get in if..?

They have a huge sign that reads

" U.S. Army is Hiring" and other propagands slogans

How much trouble can i get in if i rip it off?

What i just put up my own sign that says "911 was an inside job Dont Be a War Criminal. Dont Join"

I want to do this, but i dont want to goto jail it is not worth it. i would do this at 3am


2009-02-23 03:55:02 +0000
...you sound like the typical liberal coward that the American Soldier has fought and died for...

In all of history there have only been "2" Persons who were willing to die for YOU... One was Jesus Christ and the other is the American Soldier!

2009-02-23 03:49:09 +0000
I think you're lying about being a liberal

2009-02-23 04:01:44 +0000
First off,

I don't think that you would ever do it because your to freakin scared. Yes it IS A FELONY to harass, or do things of a violent manner to a recruiting station, but I hope that you do it so that you can be arrested and thrown in jail you tree hugger.

2009-02-23 03:51:57 +0000
If you want to take an action, why don't you do it during the light of day, you know when people might actually walk in the office.

Call the local police department to see what is required to hold a rally in front of the office. You can gather friends with signs and try to encourage people not to join.

Hope this Helps.

2009-02-23 03:53:50 +0000
So, basically you have convictions but are such an abject coward that you won't do a little jail time for them. A useless twit in anyone's eyes, no matter what their position.

2009-02-23 03:54:34 +0000
let me get this straight
you want to tear the sign off of a building
that has an office in it
that is run by the u.s. army. the ARMY
you want to PUT UP another sign that warns people not to join
the ARMY> the real live army.
and you want to know if this would be a crime.
they arent going to even bother arresting you for that.
your a** will just disappear.

its destruction of property
its terrorisim if they are 'afraid' of what you put up
its ...yeah
you let Me know how that works out for you.

start a newsletter
or better yet
set up a college recruitment fair or a job fair
if you want to fight the recruiters do it with OPTIONS
they have guns. you have signs.
and youre gonna piss off all of the good vets

2009-02-23 04:02:57 +0000
Charles M.
If you seriously think the American soldier was willing to die for you in the sense that Jesus was, its safe to assume that you don't understand at least one of them, most likely the latter.

2009-02-23 03:47:30 +0000
Quit talking about it and actually go do it.
Typical lib.

2009-02-23 12:56:44 +0000
I hope this is a joke. But I dont understand. You cannot honestly think ALL soldiers join to kill babies. And you cannot think the rest of the world is all Mr Rodgers & Sunday School. & I'll bet youre anti-2nd Amendment. Who will defend the US if there is no Army & we have no guns? Barry's Community Organizers?

2009-02-23 03:50:58 +0000
lols...i will love to do that also gosh...but yea you will get arrested for something so so lame like that..don't do it lols....

2009-02-23 03:57:41 +0000
It doesn't matter what time you would commit a crime, it is still a crime. If you steal a sign belonging to the government, it is theft. that is a crime.

If you put up a sign, it is not as serious. However, putting up a sign means you put it on something. You could be damaging property with whatever it is you use to put it up. You may be able to protest out front but you need to see if your city has statutes that require a permit to picket.

I sure don't know what you mean about 911 being an inside job. It certainly was not. I can understand protesting the Iraq war since that had nothing to do with 9/11, however, the Democrats are going to pull us out of Iraq soon so you are taking a chance for nothing.

However, there is still Osama bin Laden and recruiting is still going on to find and prosecute bin Laden.

I can't wish you good luck as you won't have it if you take actions you are contemplating. There are ways to peacefully protest. Check with your City offices as to how you get a picketing permit or whether one is needed. If you go out on the street with a sign and hold it there, you can probably do that. If you are told to leave, you must leave or you could be arrested for trespassing. So you would need to leave when told to do so.

This is not a legal opinion.

2009-02-23 03:47:16 +0000
Go hug a tree!!!

2009-02-23 13:10:31 +0000
Chicken-sh$t! If you have that strong opinion, do it in the light of day & mouth off so people will hear it.

You're a perfect example of why we need basic "knowledge of govt" tests before people can vote.


2009-02-23 03:48:53 +0000
You could get in big trouble for that. Defication of public property.

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