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What do I do when I think my boss is trying to get rid of me?
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What do I do when I think my boss is trying to get rid of me?

I am constantly being mistreated at work and I think they are trying to make me quit or get me fired. My co-workers see it everyday. I am being bullied. What should I do? Get a lawyer? Its hard to find jobs and I get benefits with this one. We are under new management and I have been there for 4 years. I have witnesses. What rights do I have? What should I do? I am sooooo stressed out. I used to loved my job.


Angels Raising Hell

A job is an agreement; if your boss does want to keep you as an employee (and you are not a part of a union), he can fire you. Likewise, if you do not want to stay an employee, you can quit.

In short, deal with it.

daljack -a girl
In the USA....a company does not need a "legal excuse" to let you go. Being fired is at their discretion.

If you have union you may have some recourse.

Think about companies where the people come in to work and are told to clear out their desks because they are no longer needed.

They want you to quit because then you can't collect unemployment.

First off, don't do anything they could use to fire you. Don't even send a non-work related e-mail, be on time, etc.. Complain to your HR department too, once there is a record of this it will make it extremely hard for them to fire you. Are you in therapy for the stress, or on medication? If so, you are then protected by the ADA, just like if you were handicapped. I had the same situation, and they fired me!! I am suing them, big time, and they are a $150B company.

look for another job before you get fired and your resume looks bad

Find a better job, he is obviously tired of you.

Get another job, the stress just isn't worth while doing anything else

Next time your, Boss gets close to you, turn around and slap him
hard, then you yell, How dare you grope me , than run out crying.
Hey what have you got to lose, that way you leave on your terms
Don't give the # rick the satisfaction of just running you off.

Start a diary of the activities of work and how your boss acts. Perhaps after a few weeks, you should take it to a lawyer and ask if you have any harassment grounds. Regardless of what you do, or don't do, you will have a tough row to hoe.

If they are harrassing you at work go to the labour board and have them put a stop to it

Don't take it. Go to your boss and ask what you have done wrong! You deserve the same respect that you give them. Just because there the boss doesn't mean they can treat you like dog! Get it out on the table. Chances are they will say nothing is wrong and that will be that! Don't be afraid to speak when somebody is doing you wrong for no reason.

start looking for another job fast

tyrone n
If you're in a Union, contact your Union Steward and share your concerns with your Steward. Also, you can approach Human Resources to report that you feel you're daily being exposed to a hostile work environment, and you have witnesses to support your claim. You can always approach the person you feel is bullying you, and request a one-on-one conference to voice your concerns. If all fails, and you're convinced you're still being bullied, contact your nearest American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and request to file a discrimination complaint against the parties bullying you. Be sure and document everything you can. Dates, times, places, and most important, names of all witnesses. You have Rights and Responsibilities in the workplace,but it's on you to exercise your Rights. For all you know, perhaps some of your coworkers feel the same as you, and will be willing to support you in your action. Hiring an attorney at this time may not be necessary, for there are many different agencies which can assist you for free. Quite possibly, your local State Employment Office can steer you in the direction of some helpful resources and referrals. Always stand up for what you believe in and the best of luck to you. Don't expect this to be an easy battle, but if your suspicions are true, this is a war you can win!

johnny j
Sad to say, employees that are doing great work are being fired for no reason discernable to them. What is happening a lot of times is employees are let go simply because of the company's bottom line. It saves the company about $1 to $2 per hour pay for every year you work for them, so after 2 to 4 years they get rid of employees and pocket the difference in saved salary(about enough which will pay for 2 employees at base pay). A new employee usually is hired at the base salary, no benefits for the first 6 months to a year, and has the same productivity as someone that has been there a while, so it is costing them money for older experienced employees.
Another reason may be your boss has someone he wants in your position, so if you quit, he gives your job to them.
My advice is to do what fathead said, but also get your self a voice activated tape recorder and record all conversations with your boss. Be sure and ask him for any reasons he has for telling you to do something, and why he treats you different than everyone else,and when you go to a lawyer you have everything on tape. In recorded conversations, one of the people must be aware they are being recorded and you can legally be the only one in the "know". Don't quit. Make them fire you. You probably will lose your job if they want to be rid of you, so do all you can to get an up to date resume ready(do this at home, not at work). Also send some resumes out to some companies feeling them out to see. You may just get a lot better job than the one you have with more benefits and pay.
Good luck. I have been through what you are going through. I had 33 years.

stay calm, this is a battle of the mind. making you stressed out is their objective, so you should play their game, and in turn make them stressed out. try to make good impression on your boss' boss. when your boss' boss favors you, even your boss has to bow down to his/her boss. experiment and find out what bothers them. if they fire you, it will make them look bad, at least ;) good luck

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