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What do you do with a counterfeit dollar when you find one?
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What do you do with a counterfeit dollar when you find one?

Ok, so a while ago I found a fake, so I put it in a drawer, should I just toss it, give it to a bank, police?

Ps, I put it in law because somehow it makes sense.


turn it in to the bank and tell them where you got it

Give it to the police.

Bring it to the local bank whom would contact the police then the police would ask you where you have gotten it from.

Common Sense
I do not believe you ever found a counterfeit dollar...
I cannot imagine anyone ever making a counterfeit dollar...

I would have immediately spent it.

The correct thing to do is give it to the police.

A counterfeit dollar...? As in a single? A one dollar bill?

I really REALLY doubt it.

Think about it. 20's are no harder to make, but easier to unload a hundred dollar's worth than with singles. What are you going to do, put them in a change machine? Those machines are a lot better at spotting fakes than the human eye, and that's a lot of work for change.

I'd be surprised to hear there were really some counterfeiters out there with such low aspirations.

it goes to the police who will contact the dept of the treasury. try to remember when and where you got it, it will be one of the things that they ask of you.

When I get counterfeit currency, I call the local police and hand it over to them.

If it's just $1.00 keep it for the story...if it's more than that give it to the police

Shelly R
I would take it to the police. They will take it from there...

u should throw it away or u should report it to the authorities cuz u nevr know if they r trying to catch someone who counterfeits money

Just throw it away. If you give it to the police they will ask questions you may not be able to answer or may not want to answer. They may even consider you as a suspect in counterfeiting the bills. I say break it up into little pieces and throw it away.

La Voce
Mail it to me... I'll "dispose" of it properly and legally for you.

I would want to say use that s*it! But if somehow you were to get caught, you'd be screwed. Toss it.

send it to me...i like fine art


Will investigate it.

Dear Blabby
Find a Soda/ Candy machine that's always bilking you out of your money!!!...

seriously, give it to the nearest law enforcement agency

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