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What does "freedom of speech" mean to you personally?
Find answers to your legal question.

What does "freedom of speech" mean to you personally?

Any limits, responsibilities?


joe v
say what you want but u got to keep it hella pimp

As long as my speech doesn't infringe upon any of the other freedoms in the Consititution for other people, then I'm free to say whatever I want whenever I want to whomever I want.

**** you mother ****** < THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!

Expressing what on your mind.

The limits are : You cant say bomb on an airplane.
You cant shout fire in a crowd room, cinema, theatre.

sure but look how you can vent here lol

i can say what I want to who i want and who cares if it offends them. because they have the right to be offended, and I have the right to offend, now, using that right is something else, its called common sense. in a virtual world like this, its all fair game!

that I can say how I feel anywhere anytime and not feel to guilty :)

It means that I can speak my opinion without fear of reprisal. Yes, there are limits (can't speak slander) and yes, there are responsibilities to this freedom.

I can't tell you

niffer&#39;s mom
To me, it means that I am free to decide what I will an will not say, write, read or listen to.
No one else is in charge of determining what I should or should not say, write, read or listen to.
I get to decide what is acceptable, and what is unacceptable.
I'm allowed to use my brain and make decisions for myself, I do not have someone dictating to me what they've decided will be permitted.

I say what I want!

Being able to speak my mind without causing harm or offending.
Sometimes is not possible.
I do my best though.
Have a nice day

It means that you can say whatever you want, whenever you want without a higher authority having the power to decide what is or isn't offensive or legal to say.

Freedom of speech is a right we Americans live, and die for...We are not robots nor are we limited to discussions only of approved of, government idea's... Be thankful for this freedom, and all our others. We may have differences, but we are all free..

It means that I can say whateever I want and believe what I want... however I cannot offend anyone... which sort of gets rid of all freedom... but at least I have the right to say it... but in this country it's not really very free... yes you also have to be responsible for what you say... I dunno

backing up your words with reason and logic. not simply spewing words just to get a rise out of people. say what you want, back it up and standing by it.

djmantx should win best answer.

I can say what in the freakin hell I want too !!

u can say anything that you like without getting jailed or beatten up. hehe

Victor ious
The right to say what one wants UNLESS what one wants is to encourage others to murder people because of race or religious or age or other differences.

THEN such hate speeches should be silenced and fined or jailed depending on the nature of the matter (assuming its obvious murder speech).

♥ lavender baby ♥
say what you wish from the heart.

Freedom of speech for me means that I can say anything that I want without certain restrictions being imposed upon me.

Master Chen
I personally see my freedom of speech to be like a subclass of my freedom of expression. Just as freedom of press is. To me it is a manifestation of the idea that I have the power to speak in my own opinion. The manifestation of my ability to opine criticism and praise without penalty or pain. My freedom of press is the same thing but only in writing.

However, I also understand that my Freedom of Speech and Press does not encompass slander.

to me freedom of speech meens that u can say wat ever tha
h-e-l-l u want. even if its not "nessasary" or if it goes against wat sumone else thinks. bc its freedom of speech. u have that right to say wat u want.

Molly M
It means you have the right to voice your opinion on any topic of your choice but it doesn't give you the right to do it violently or to forget your manners when doing so.

You also have to be willing to accept that your views will not be shared or appreciated by everyone either.

You don't have to stand on a street corner and shout to have your voice heard, after all. You just need a receptive audience.

Not getting reported for everytime I voice an opinion on here that someone doesn't agree with,,,,,now THAT, would be true freedom of speech

You can say what you want within reason (i.e. no racist remarks)

nothing, lawfully. i don't appreciate the fact that someone can "give" me the right to speak freely. as long as i am able to speak, i have the "freedom of speech." no limits, no responsibility to anyone but myself. freedom doesn't have limits. if people look at things in full view, no blinders, they would know that when a system, group, or person "gives" you a right; it means they are taking other rights away. there are so many contradictions in "freedom of speech" eg. i censor myself (out of want) to be able to have my views heard by the people who gave me the right in the first place.

You can say out load that Mr. Bush is stupid at a public place, but you can not say your neighbor is stupid in front of his/her house.

"Freedom of speech" refers to political things only.

96.7 KCAL ROCKS!!!
technically it means we can say what we want....but when it comes to threats, you can't do that.

There have always been certain limits on free speech such as screaming fire in a crowded theater. There are civil laws that protect a person from financial loss associated with a libelous or slanderous comment. The problem with the attacks on free speech today is people have mistook free speech to mean popular speech.Freedom of speech was not meant to Be freedom to say what is popular as most places allow popular speech true freedom of speech is being able to express an unpopular opinion. And I think that is what we are in danger of losing. There is an old saying I don't agree with what you say but I will die for your right to say it. That saying at one time represented what the majority of people in the United States believed. I am sad to say that I don't find that to be the case today. And I am afraid that we are in danger of losing this freedom and so many others until people actually start to understand what freedom means and that it is still as important to us today as it was to our forefathers.

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