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What happens exactly if "martial law" should be declared in the U.S. (Cont'd)?
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What happens exactly if "martial law" should be declared in the U.S. (Cont'd)?

How will the citizens be affected by this, and do you believe that one day this will happen in our nation? Thank you for your responses! :)


All I can say is WTF is going on in America there?

I think you should not be spreading panic and paranoia like that.

Big Guy 360 (Jesus Witness)
I don't think for a minute that that is going to happen. The american people are better than that. This country is only three hundred years old and is the most powerful in the world. It's the only country that has the greatest amount of freedom in the world. We, as a people, are no different that any other person in this world, so what does set us apart? What makes us unique, in so much as to make us the greatest in the world? It's that competitive spirit, we always like to win and we all strive to win at any cost. The American people will bring us out of this problem, not big Government, not Obama or his Gang. It's us, we, you and me, the ones who love freedom, love the American way, love to be better, love to live life better, we are the free market and capitalists. We don't want hand outs, we want the american dream, to be all that we want to be. Can Government do that for us? No we have to grab it by ourselves. This next year will get better and it will not be because of Obama, but will be because of the great people of this nation. History has shown us that if America is in trouble, it's the people that roll up their sleeves and dig us out and we will do it again.

When martial law is declared all civilian authority goes out the window and military law takes its place. The military moves into all areas of the country and begins its own brand of authority.

Curfews will be put in place where no one can leave their homes between 8pm - 8am without special permission from the local Military Governor. Anyone caught out of their homes during this period can be shot on sight with no questions asked.

All dissidents, Christians, and other "enemies of the state" will be rounded up and detained by the military until the local Military Governor, or his appointee, has questioned them and either releases them, or puts them in front of a firing squad.

I expect this to happen very soon as an extreme measure to control all of the public.

Yes, I believe it will happen but I do not know when. I suggest that anyone with a brain in their head emigrates to Canada while they still can. And when they get there, start learning Spanish so that when Canada goes sour, they can flee to South America!

Me, personally, I am working on becoming physically stronger and healthier. I am losing weight and getting dental work taken care of. And I am putting my affairs in order. I am getting rid of personal papers and extra belongings that I don't really need and could hold me back. I am also learning how to dehydrate food and can it, as well as how to sew, knit, and crochet!

I know that trouble is coming but I don't know when...so I am doing my best to be prepared. I just hope that I have the courage to flee when the time comes...even if it means that I must abandon everything but my Bible and the clothes on my back. Will you do the same?

"Hau Kola"
Martial Law if invoked, Is done on numerous levels, State and Federal.
US military troops actually take over the command and control of
the country. They may or may not enlist the aid of standing Law
Enforcement Agencies. They can and will put into place curfews.

They are there to keep the so called peace for the Federal Government.

Do I think this will happen., Sooner than you would ever want it to.

Bee Bee
Well the people of america have already started marching in the streets all over America. so I think it all ready in the making. I am so proud of those standing up to this evil. God bless.

Teresa (SFECU) -†- pray4revival
Remember New Orleans in the days following Katrina?

Remember the people who were ordered to go to the Superdome and then were locked in and held there for days in the most horrible conditions?

Remember the 17 year old high school student who was arrested and charged with grand theft of a government vehicle because he stole a school bus to help his neighbors escape the ninth ward?

Remember the video of the retired school teacher that was beaten nearly to death by police for being in the wrong place at the wrong time? He was just out trying to find a place to buy a pack of cigarettes.

Remember the Geraldo Rivera, Shepard Smith (can't remember which) footage where he got extremely emotional over the dead body laying on the bridge behind him and the people were walking by seeming to not even notice?

Remember all the elderly people in the nursing home that were given killer drugs so no one had to bother with them?

Now, imagine that on a national scale and know that it won't take that much to push this whole country into that kind of horror. Know too that the day is coming, despite the claims by the Obamabots that we're just "fear mongering".

Warrior for Christ
We need to trust Jesus in all these things, he is the Way, the TRUTH and the Life! God Bless : )

I am not an American and I hesitate to throw gas on the fire, but we are in strange times. The events that may overcome the world loom on the near horizon. We don't have to make up scenarios that are catastrophic.

Iran is nearing a nuclear device and has been practicing EMF attacks from ships in the Caspian Sea. Terrorists are purported to have "devices'
in place in the USA awaiting the order to attack. Terrorists attack seems to loom large. The monetary crisis is putting America and the World into chaos. Obama has spent large to avert disaster, even though deficit spending seems to have been the trigger of the crisis.

The USA, Canada and Mexico have have had secret cabinet meetings about financial and monetary integration. A new currency the Amero seems to be on the horizon. A three for one, or four for one exchange is possible; and even a ten for one is not impossible. This would solve the crisis and impoverish the American and North American public.
The people would take to the streets when they realize what has happened. Troops will be in place to meet the threat.

The alternative is to print money and this will lead to hyper-inflation.
Look at Post WWI Germany to see what will happen. If weather creates a famine or food shortage, or storms cause great damage, Israel attacks Iran (oil embargo) we will see two or three critical events happening at the same time.

Gerald Celente has said he sees riots in the streets of the US, A break up of the US, perhaps Civil War, and America becoming a post-industrial nation, (All happening by the year 2012)



Hopefully these looming dark clouds will not materialize and within one year all will be normal, but it is difficult to see how this will happen as we all know in our hearts that some of the events will happen.

I am not worried though, I have read the last pages of the Book, and God has everything in control. I do not put my trust in man at times like these, I put my trust in God. I feel it will not be very long until I see Him. If times get as tough as events indicate then you know where to turn.

Look up for your redemption groweth nigh (near).


Not exactly something I like to think about. If it were to happen the citizens would be deeply affected. There would be many that would just do whatever they are told to do but I think many others would stand and fight for our country. This would lead to a lot of trouble for everyone. You would have groups of people fighting the armies trying to uphold the martial law which could be their friends and relatives. If whoever declared martial law used UN forces to try to uphold the law then I think there would be more people willing to stand up and fight for their country, which may lead to all out war.

I do not think that will happen, even though I wouldn't be to surprised if it does, but I think we are being slowly led to willingly accept whatever the government does to us. We have strayed a long way from the county that our founding fathers invisioned of freedom and liberty and have been trained to let the government do things for us and slowly giving up that freedom and liberty. It's like boiling a live frog. It is content in the lukewarm water and if you slowly turn up the flame it will adjust to the temprature. Doing this in small increments the frog will find itself in hot water and not have the strength left to get out. In like manner, I can see this happening to our freedoms and people being more acceptant of a huge goverment that can do everything for them, all in exchange for a government on whom they need even if it means giving up their freedom.

I try not to let things like that get to me. I am of the belief that our heavenly father has everything in control and his will, will be done. He has left his word for us and by understanding what is going on gives me his precious peace.

Well it seems like we're already under financial martial law if you consider how this latest disaster was shoved down our throats. Take a look at this and I'll be back with another.

These two explain it better than I can...

The following exchange between Beck and Schiff, who was also economic adviser to Ron Paul during his presidential campaign, is from the CNN transcript of last night’s show:

SCHIFF: You know, what`s going to happen, of course, is as inflation starts running out of control and prices start going through the roof, the government again is going to focus on the symptoms and not the disease.

And they`re going to impose price controls on energy, on food, on a lot of other things that are vital, which means shortages, which means long lines, black markets, civil unrest. All this stuff is coming if we don`t stop. [...]

BECK: Peter, let`s talk a little bit about martial law. Why would that even be a consideration?

SCHIFF: Well, I don`t think it was a threat if they had rejected the bailout Bill, but I think it is a possibility a few years down the line. We just spoke a little bit about price controls and the effect that they`re going to have.

If we have shortages of food, if we have rolling blackouts. And people are upset, and they`re hungry, and they`re cold, there could be civil unrest. There could be looting, rioting, and that might be the impetus for the government to declare martial law.

BECK: You know, I don`t think you`re a couple of years away from something like that. I mean, honestly, Peter, I mean, look at what`s happening. In a half hour, I`ve got a congressman on about — about the racism cries. I mean, there are people that are right now so disenfranchised, and I think being encouraged to be disenfranchised on both sides, that at any time this damn thing could break apart.

SCHIFF: Yes. And we`re giving the government so much power. And you know, you give up a lot more civil liberties. When you have martial law and you`ve got the military policing our streets, when you`ve got suspension of habeas corpus, you`ve got curfews, you can`t be out of your house after dark, and they can just pick you up and put you in prison and keep you there indefinitely without charges, and there`s nothing you can do about it?

I mean, we`re giving up one liberty after another, all to protect ourselves from this economic crisis, which needs to happen anyway, but it doesn`t need to be nearly this bad.

BECK: Peter, this is — I mean, we`re in Crazytown, USA. But my gut tells me that, two years down the road — let`s just use that number — this country is not going to look anything like it does today. Our world has changed; it just hasn`t caught up.

I believe it will happen. In fact I believe it will happen in 2009 because 2010 is the year that the New World Order will be running us. So Obama keeps saying 2010 will be the good year. Cause he knows that we will (the ones against Obama's regime) will be put away in the FEMA concentration camps aka detainment centers.
I am sure we will be the first cause everything we write and say is being watched.

All it would take would be an acceleration of the financial crisis by the world dropping the dollar as its trade currency, a few food shortages, or a terrorist attack, and martial law would be declared. There would be curfews, restrictions, riot control, imprisonments, violations of civil rights, and troops patrolling the streets. I do think this is coming shortly, especially because the US cannot and will not remain a solvent nation with the current economic policies, and pretty soon we will face extreme pressure from our debt holders too.

Many factors can contribute to anarchy in the US, and even though I hope and pray this doesn't happen, it seems inevitable. Afterwards, the globalists can easily integrate the US into a global government for additional 'relief' and 'control'.

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