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What happens if i don't pay PayPal after a dispute that i lost?
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What happens if i don't pay PayPal after a dispute that i lost?

I had a dispute on paypal with a buyer. Paypal resolved the dispute and are asking me to pay half the money. They want me to pay £170. My bank account that i have resgistered with paypal is empty.

What would happen if i don't pay paypal?


They will show up and kick your ***

Paypal cannot take money out of your account without your permission. But to be on the safe side you had better cancel any credit/debit cards registered with them and also your direct debit if you have set up one.

What they will do is to pay the other party up to the maximum of the Buyer Protection amount that your Seller Account qualifies for, £500 being the maximum as some seller accounts only qualify for £250.

The only time the buyer can request a full refund is if they paid with a credit card and gets their bank to initiate a chargeback. If the buyer's bank thinks there is a good reason to do so based on reports from the buyer, they can initiate a chargeback and Paypal will be obliged to repay the amount in full.

Which ever of the above cases apply, Paypal will debit your Paypal account and your Paypal balance will be in the red if you haven't got enough in your Paypal balance to cover the refund.

They will then send the debt collectors after you to get the money of you that will take your Paypal balance out of the red.

If you were asked to refund more than the Buyer Protection amount your Paypal Account qualifies for, your account will be restricted until you repay the buyer the balance. That means you will not be able to use your Paypal account to buy or sell

Marc M
they send a hitman watch ur back

Barry C
It is possible your bank would pay and then you have an overdraft to deal with instead of paypal.

Or, the seller could come after you and try to collect by whatever means are available in your country.

Outspoken but Honest
You will be blacklisted and don't even think of trying for a loan or a mortgage after that!

Don't you have a charge card registered with PayPal? In the U. S. of A. a charge card must be registered in order to sell. They would just bill your charge card.

Lucky you, I lost the lot,

Guy bought it, I sent it recorded, post office lost it

Paypal, refunded money in full, I lost out with item

Complain to paypal, and they just dont accept complaints

I drained my PAP PAL account, so it took weeks to sort

Set of .................

The White Rose
You mean you went through a mediation, or do you mean Paypal actually kicked in money (which I doubt, but...).

If it's just an online mediation, that's not binding. The dispute is still between you and the buyer. He could move against you perhaps, although legally it doesn't seem likely given the small sum involved.

What didn't you like about the mediation? Seems like the buyer might have had SOME grounds to get a 50-50 split.

They'll report you to a collection agency, which will hound you until you pay up. That or they'll withdraw the funds anyway, which will leave you with an overdraft and (depending on your bank's policies) some hefty financial penalties.

You might get bank charges if paypal request the money and there isn't enough there - keep an eye on the account because if they charge you and you then end up with an unauthorised overdraft, it will cost you.

They send the debt collectors.

it will be reported to the credit bureau and you will no longer be able to use paypal

HaSiCiT Bust A Tie A1 TieBusters
the expression `see you in court ` comes to mind.

I Speak the Truth
They still take the money from the bank account and you go into negative. PayPal is the worst company ever, they scam you, rob you and rape you clean. Just stop dealing with them, I did.

www.aboutpaypal.org Learn more here.

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