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Why can't ex-con's carry guns?
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Why can't ex-con's carry guns?

Why once a convict you can't weapons after that? Even if it was at a young age.


Im afraid that you answered that question yourself. Unfortunately you or who ever the ex-con is thinks that this is unfair but at the same time the judgment of this person is probably not the best. There are some that are not ex-cons that should also not carry guns but they haven't been caught yet. Scary

Because it is the law, that's why.

I wasn't asleep! I was drunk
I feel safer knowing that an ex-con who thinks he/she has the right to take the law into their own hands is not legally allowed to carry a weapon.

A felony conviction means that you cannot legally own a firearm. But since people in prison obviously do not care about the law, lots of ex-con's have guns.

The laws are there to keep the honest man honest.

Because the legislatures consider them to be a risk to carry weapons.

Sorry but it's SO easy to stay out of jail, that if you're dumb enough to get yourself in there, we sure aren't going to trust you with a gun now! You'll just end up in BIGGER trouble!

because they consider you a risk to b walkin round w a wepon. come on!!!

Henry T
Because the establishment fears people who don't respect their laws of morality that are unenforceable. They fear a ex-convict will be more likely to use a gun against the uniformed gang members it employs in the way of police.

Cecil n
One of the least effective, shoot from the hip set of laws ever passed in this country concern firearms(pun intended). Most of the answers so far fail to grasp one simple fact: Gun laws only affect law-abiding citizens. Criminals, by definition, do not obey the laws, gun or otherwise. Anyone who wants a gun will have no problem obtaining one. It is just one little part of the anti-gun crowd's attempt to circumvent the second amendment, and ban all firearms. It is amazing how many different laws can result in loss of firearms freedom. My CCP costs $100.00 a year for a constitutional right. How ridiculous is that?

Because they are ex-cons.

Because you've shown that you aren't one of the sheep of society, and are therefore more likely to rise up if there's ever any kind of revolution. If some day, for example, a person was to try to institute some kind of Utopian totalitarian dictatorship he might make use of people like you as he did battle with the existing ancien regime.

Chad B
Because statistics say if you were convicted before, you most likely will commit again be it the same or worse.

And for this reason, for idiots like these guys, who by the way one of them was a multiple felon and was in and out of jail for the past few years for charges having to do with weapons:

Not just if you're a convict, if you've ever been charged with a felony, you can't purchase a gun, even if you were a juvenile and served no time for your felony. The government assumes that those who commit crimes for whatever reasons once in their life are a danger to society.

We have all the people here saying that people that commit crimes are idiots, blah blah - you guys have no idea what you're talking about. People have been charged with terrible things for getting on the wrong side of a police officers, or for defending themselves, but the other side has a better lawyer or whatever. Sometimes people just do stupid things when they're younger - if someone makes a mistake one time in their life, that's no reason to judge them forever.

Because you have already proven that you're not responsible enough to have a weapon.

Because if you have been convicted of a crime at any stage, it proves that your judgement isn't all it should be....

It's against the law.

You can appeal to a court for reestablishment of the right, with a greater chance of success if your conviction was for something other than an act of violence.

If that fails you can always carry a gun, you'll just be breaking the law again.

Aww, c'mon. An answer like this deserves at LEAST three thumbs down.

All these people who say it's against the law fail to remember one thing. Our founding father's considered the right to keep and bear arms a fundamental right of every man. That's why, until the mid 1920's, a man released from prison was given 100 dollars gate money, a winchester rifle and 20 rounds of amunition. This was considered to be the minimum requirement for a man to survive. Gun laws only affect those people who respect the law. Personally, I do. All I want is to get my long rifle rights back so I can go hunting. Is that wrong?

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