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Why did they change the age you can buy cigarettes to 18?
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Why did they change the age you can buy cigarettes to 18?

I'm 17 so I'm not meant to be buying them. You only had to be 16 a while ago. I can join the army but I have to get someone else to get me cigarettes - doesn't make sense.


2009-07-04 16:40:41 +0000
Probaly so you wo'nt be ??? short-winded when running after or running from the enemy !?!.. & I guess they hope to get the 18 year olds that still have pink lungs to join !?! r`'R'`r

2009-07-04 16:27:38 +0000
In the United States you have to be 18 to purchase tobacco. It has been that way since 1995 when the law was changes to allow the federal government to withhold FEMA money from states that had lower smoking ages.

You can not join the Army at 17 without parental consent.

2009-07-04 16:31:11 +0000
to discourage youngsters starting,which i'm all for,i,ve been a smoker for over 20 years and will quite happily try and get youngsters not to start or stop just because i know how much it affects my health and how difficult it is to stop the longer you go plus it's getting ridiculously expensive now

2009-07-04 16:25:20 +0000
you have to be 18 to join the army and to buy cigs for a while now.

start growing your own tobacco.

2009-07-04 16:25:59 +0000
I hate smoking and really dislike people who do smoke. I say change the age limit to 65 or older.

2009-07-04 16:25:00 +0000
Maybe to discourage young people from buying cancer sticks...

2009-07-04 16:27:35 +0000
I think the government realised that because most people associate with people around their age, upping the age to buy cigarettes will up the age of people using them, even if it doesn't up it to 18.

Since the age to buy cigarettes changed from 16 to 18 I personally have noticed a reduction in the amount of 15 year olds and under that have access to cigarettes and smoke.

Age limits are all fair. The simple fact is, if you are not responsible and intelligent enough to be able to get alcohol or cigarettes in another way, then you are not responsible or intelligent enough to use them, or any other drug. Yeah it's a hassle having to get someone to buy you cigarettes, but that's life.

Hope this helps :)

2009-07-04 16:28:55 +0000
Just don't smoke. Not that I care if you do just it is really hard to quit later in life. REALLY.

You can't smoke in most places anymore so it's very inconvenient, why be a slave to something that costs you money? When I say slave if you keep smoking you will know what I mean.

It's up to you but, 20 yrs ago I said..."oh I'll quit in a few years."
It took 20.

2009-07-04 16:26:03 +0000
i think its funny but i wudnt find it funny if i was 16 or 17. i dont get it either but suppose they think u shudnt b smokin at tht age but i think its aload of crock coz people will smoke at any age if they want 2 its not hard to get hold of ciggies these days

2009-07-04 17:57:41 +0000
They changed the age to buy tobacco in October 2007. To anyone who keeps saying you can fight for your country at 17 is not so. The Army never send under 18's on active service.

2009-07-04 16:26:18 +0000
it doesnt make sense but its probably more for younger children like 14 and under. its really for the younger kids and they should change it.

2009-07-04 16:24:41 +0000
I agree with you. If you can join the army, you should be free to purchase cigarettes and alcohol. One of those things that is totally puzzling to me as well. :)

2009-07-04 16:27:10 +0000
Public health minister Caroline Flint said: "Someone who starts smoking aged 15 is three times more likely to die of cancer due to smoking than someone who starts in their late 20s."

She told Sky News: "We know that among young people under the age of 16 only 23% find it difficult to buycigarettes.

"Retailers often find it difficult to determine someone's age and will find it easier by raising the age to 18."

2009-07-04 16:32:47 +0000
Dave , they wanted to give you an extra year to " mature " . Please go to the American Cancer Society's website , and read about lung cancer . If you are mature enough to smoke , you should take a look at the pictures of smokers your age , . It ain't pretty .

Smoking should be illegal,companies only want money while people die.

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