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Why does the USA have one of the worlds largest Prison Population ?
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Why does the USA have one of the worlds largest Prison Population ?

Sounds a bit strange for the land of the free ? doesn't it ?


∫e mousquetaire XVI
because alot of folks there dont take no shhhhht

Boycott Hollywd Commies
Guess it shows the kind of "character" America is building.

Freedom has a price. People think they can do what they want. Freedom is about religious freedom, freedom to choose your career, freedom to vote or not vote for your candidate. Its NOT about freedom to kill, freedom to deal drugs to kids, freedom to rape or freedom to malest kids...

Because the government doesn't know how to handle criminals.
They fill up the jail cells with petty thieves, when it doesn't do any good to lock someone up for a month or two, (wasting the taxpayer's money) have them pay a fine to the STATE, even though the state wasn't the one that got hurt, then just let them go.
Thieves should just pay restitution to whoever they stole from, not the State, and certainly not the jail.

And murderers who kill innocent people just get locked up for life. More people in the jail cells; when they deserve the death penalty.

And if you're going to lock someone up, don't give them cable tv and the opportunity to get a college degree without even paying for it! Make them work, and get them to change.

Drugs are illegal,
overpolicing in poor neighborhoods,
lack of resources for underpriviliged individuals,
no proper rehabilitation programs for inmates,
prisons make money on incarcerating people therefore they lobby for harsher sentences and tougher laws. There are more but I am ok with just noting these.

It's partly because of the idiotic war on drugs (Hey, how about a timeline for withdrawal on that one?) causing the incarceration of non-violent offenders, and partly because we tend not to execute people, and unlike many countries, we actually keep an accurate count of people incarcerated.

kenneth h
Because prison is big business.Look on the stock market.The Prisons Exchange Corporation.6 billion dollars it made last year.Is on track to shatter that record this year

not at all, if you're free to succeed, you are also by definition free to fail

We also have a very large population.
And countries with a population as large or larger, ( India, China,etc) aren't about to give out these statistics.
So, your comment overlooks a lot of things.You need more facts.
What % of the population is in prison here,compared to what % of the population of, say, Greece, being in prison.
This way people have something to compare . And you might be able to get an answer which proves your point.
I can answer your question by saying " we have one of the world's largest populations."
How many people don't know this? Not many.
Why am I answering you like this. Hopefully, to teach you why when you make a statement you should be able to back it up .

Giving huge sentences for drug offenders.

Alan S
because marijuana is illegal and marijuana busts are easy because a stoner is passive. Great way for a cop to advance, lots of "drug" busts under his belt and many otherwise law abiding citizens with records. FYI: the prison population has tripled since the DEA came into being.

Blue Steel & Lace
Because we have one of the worlds largest populations.

Diane (PFLAG)
Freedom comes with responsibility..

The responsibility follow the laws and regulations, the responsibilty to pay the penalty for breaking laws and regulations..

Being the land of the free does not mean a citizen is free to do anything and everything.. Laws must still be followed or penalties must be payed...

Because there are idiots that break laws, are jailed, released and break laws the day they are released. I would call it stupidity others say drugs. I say you are stupid to be on drugs so I guess both are good answers.

This is because US is one of the most populous nations in the world as well as one the most civilized. Civilization breeds crime.

Look South of the border!

victor m
whats so strange if you break the law chances are you will go to prison pretty simple ant it , home of the free don't mean you could break laws.

Not at all. We have people in prison because they broke the law. We live in a free country. You are free to do as you please until you break a law. This is not a difficult concept. If you think there are laws that need to be changed then work within the system to change them.


Because we imprison non violent drug offenders and have the worlds largest drug using population.

US makes up 4% of the world population, but accounts for 1/3 of the worlds drug abuse.

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