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Why is it illegal to drink at 18 years old?
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Why is it illegal to drink at 18 years old?

I am 19 and I am intoxicated right now but i am sitting in bed doing my college homework. I am not being irresponsible but yet somehow if a cop were to find me right now I would be in a **** load of trouble. I don't understand it other than at this age younger people would be able to get their friends to buy it like i have (obviously) but then why don't they just make it illegal for like 18-20 years olds to buy alcohol but LEGAL to drink it? anyone can be stupid and irresponsible when they're drunk no matter how old they are. AND before people are like "well what's wrong with 17 years old?" well as of now 18 is when you're legally and adult so that would be a different subject/topic. Answer the question at hand please. thanks. =]
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I'm pretty sure I said intoxicated, not drunk, there's a huuuggeee difference. (duh) The way I talk sober or drunk has nothing to do with college performance either. I can say like this and like that all I, like, want. So, like, take that. =p LIKE!


Last of four brothers
Your already in trouble, the government is tracking your post and your gonna get arrested, so your better get your homework done, so you don't have to worry about it when your in jail.

It's the law... ._.

You answered your own question. You are intoxicated. Most young people have no idea what moderation means when drinking.

John H
You have to live with the "wisdom" of your state legislature until you are able to gain enough support to make them feel diferently.

Good luck.

AT your age, you can be even more stupid and irresponsible than older people who drink. (Not counting alcoholics) Additionally, underage kids are more likely to drink and then drive, usually with a bunch of drunk friends. Soon to be dead or maimed drunk friends.

The brain is also continuing to develop until about age 21. Alcohol messes that up and so you can cause some brain damage or at least your brain won't develop the way it should.

You may think you are doing well with your homework, but I wonder what quality it is. Also, if you are alone and drunk, you have a drinking problem.

Because the legal drinking age is 21.

Kids are too young at 21, the law should make it 25 to get most of the irresponsible young drinkers off of the road.

Depends on your location; that makes absolutely no sense what so ever. If you're legally able to consume alcohol why wouldn't you be able to purchase it!? Make sure you're sober next time you ask a question.

Bobby 10/9/97 & Joshua 4/27/09
It amazes me you have to be 21 to drink but only 18 to die for our country??????????

If you want a non legal answer its because your brain is still developing and there is solid scientific evidence that the younger you are and the more binge drinking your do the more brain cells you lose. 21 is a reasonable age to start drinking, even then binge drinking damages the brain.
So if you want to develop to your full potential stop drinking if you don't care hope you don't get caught

You're asking a question I asked when I was in college, when the drinking age for beer in my state was 19. Three days after I turned 21, the drinking age all over the country turned to 21.

And to answer your question, I don't know. My opinion is that if you can vote, be drafted and be married at 18, you should be able to drink. However, the Reagan Administration (which is the administration which pushed through the 21 drinking age) was known for trying to make splashy public statements that really had little effect. They forced the states to go to 21 by threatening to withhold federal funds unless they did so. So, the states complied rather than lose the cash.

However, making it legal for 18 to 20 year olds to drink it but not buy it isn't a workable solution. You're essentially setting up someone else for liability if the 18 to 20 year old drinks themselves senseless and gets someone killed driving drunk -- or drinks themselves senseless and chokes on their own puke, which happened once at my college.

Getting the drinking age changed is something which can only happen with a grassroots movement. However, in order for that movement to succeed, people are going to have to demonstrate a LOT more responsibility and intelligence in governing their actions than they currently do. I went to a heavy drinking school, but apparently, binge drinking is worse than it ever was there, and there's a lot more alcohol related injuries and deaths on campus than there used to be.

I don't have a problem with lowering the drinking age, but I think it should go hand in hand with some downright draconian policies for anyone who abuses alcohol and gets someone hurt. In the state I used to live in, if you were drunk and killed someone while driving, it was considered vehicular homicide, and you could get the death penalty. In the state I'm currently in, you get off with a smack on the hand. That's not right, either.

Reagan vowed to raise the drinking age to win the support of Mother's Against Drunk Driving. States that refused to raise their drinking age to 21 would be denied highway funds. Obviously, state legislators didn't want to have to confront their constituents about either raising taxes or having crappy roads, so they raised the age.

Why do you need to be 25 to rent a car? I am 24 and have owned my own house for two years, but yet I can't rent a car??

You're old enough to get drafted and die in a war for your country, but you're not old enough to sit down and have a beer.

That said, quit drinking for 2 years, it's not worth it. You practically have an eternity to get as piss-faced drunk as you want after that. Campaign for politicians who will lower the drinking age. This, however, is not a situation where breaking the law is the best way to prove the law's stupidity (although often there are cases of that).

Yellow Alarm Clock
It's true that your brain is still developing, and that excessive consumption of alcohol is therefore more dangerous, but that really has nothing to do with it. You're an adult; there are countless legal ways you can harm your own health if you're so inclined. As long as you are informed of the risks, you should be able to make this decision for yourself. Really the only reason the drinking age is 21 is because politicians like to be 'tough' on problems like teen alcoholism. It doesn't matter if a policy is ineffective, or even counterproductive, as long as it appears tough. That's how democracy works.

Twenty-one really is ridiculous. I had a degree before I was 21. Most countries have a lower drinking age, and do not have more serious problems with alcohol. The US approach is simply unrealistic. No one is going to respect a law that is so far out of step with the community, and the government can't teach teenagers to drink responsibly if it won't acknowledge that they're drinking.

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