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can a a father legally keep a child away from the mother?
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can a a father legally keep a child away from the mother?

my sister's ex husband is trying to get temp custody and he is trying to deny her of having her daughter . he has no court papers saying she cant have her daughter.. can he legally do this?


not unless she is causing harm to her or putting her safety in danger

If there's no court order, things can be a mess. Have they ever been to court? If there is a standing order, that can be enforced. Sticking up for a child's rights when one parent is playing games is a sticky thing. Have your sister do some digging on the web. There are quite a few parent's groups, and she needs to get a consultation with an attorney or two. She needs back up, and needs to be sure she knows how to deal with this and pick a good attorney.

no he cannot do that


no he can nopt. He is saying it hoping you believe it. Go to your local gfamily dcf and ask if they have free legal help or get a lawyer and get full custody. Only way he can keep you from seeing that kid is if she has a serious problem like abuse charge or something. But no he can not keep you. Ask for full custody bet the mom gets it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, a parent can make things difficult for an absent spouse when the spouse has an established propensity which may be regarded by a judge as child endangerment, either as a personal flaw or environment issue, such as a drug addiction, mental instability, abuse, neglect, criminal records, extreme lifestyle issues, or bad company.

Sometimes the reasons which adults base their decisions are not entirely revealed to the children. This would make things difficult for the children to understand. Trust that most parents are working things out which are best for the children. Normally, both parents deserve the right to be a positive influence.
Don't take sides. Don't let either parent denigrate each other. Your parents have their own adult issues. Just try to be a good sister, brother, son or daughter, that is all you can do. Support the peace in your family. Someone has to be a hero here. This may come down to you working hard to develop your own character without the benefit of solid role models. Do your best, and good luck.

Depends on what kind of Mother you are.

Sophie B
if he goes to court, and gets custody he can, but that rarely happens unless he has enough money to hire the right lawyer, and buy the judge, or he can prove the mother is unfit...

Usually the courts side with the mother......

Lc P
No he cant do that.

☆ ★ ♥
ytake him to court i dont think he can as long as there no legal papaers saying she cant see the kids she can call the cops saying hes keepin the kids and blah blah blah


no he'd need to go to court

This happens every day, thousands of times a day, all over the country.

Legally, the answer is no. The answer and $5 will get you a coffee at Starbucks.

Your sister needs to get an attorney, get to court, and get the ball rolling to keep custody of her child. Even after a court determines custody and visitation and child support and all that mess, it is all to common for one parent to skip out with the kid to parts unknown.

Get started on it NOW, not later.

He needs court documents preventing the mother's access to the child. She should see a lawyer

No but your sister will have to go to court to make him stop

Unless the court has ruled that the mother can't see the child, then I don't think he's allowed to prevent her from seeing the child. If he were afraid for the baby's safety, then he could try to get some sort of emergency restraining order, but I don't think that's the case here. If I were your sister, I would contact the police or a lawyer. I don't think he's allowed to do this.

Mutya P
No one has the right to prohibit a child's custody unless one of the parents is insane. But then, you might as well seek the assistance of a lawyer. If you like I have a very reliable lawyer friend here. Do keep in touch.

Yes, both parents have equal rights until they go to court and temporary custody is set in Louisiana. It depends on the state but most have equitable rights until a court order is in place.

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