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do businesses have to give u a heads up on drug tests?
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do businesses have to give u a heads up on drug tests?

before they give it to you before the day?yeah just curious


Why are they going to give you a heads up if they want to catch employees that are using drugs? They can give you a piss test on the spur of the moment, and you may have to do it or lose your job.
If you have a dirty urine test, you can be suspended or fired. Depending on the job. My husband periodically will punch in with a note on his time card saying, report to so and so's office. that's when he finds out.

no not really i mean if they are looking to hire you they don't.

free spirit
It's up to you to take it or not at the time they offer, they don't have to "warn" you....why would they anyway...

Amy K
No-not in Texas. They can ask you to go for a drug test at any given time and where I work you have to go that day!

don't do drugs and it don't matta ;)

It all depends on what your employment contract stipulates. Some contracts state that random drug tests are allowed. All depends on the clause relating to drug testing in your contract.

disgruntled customer
you should read your contract. Most corporations have the right to random drug test and if they hold reasonable suspicion to drug test.

Yeah, that would make sense. The only one you should know about is the pre-employment screening. After that, you just never know.

A company can have a random drug test policy under which you are given no advance warning of the test when your name is called - but they DO have to give all their employees advance warning that there 'is' such a policy, and that they may be subjected to a random drug test at some point in the future.


evy is bored!!
No, they certainly do not. If they did, it would defeat the whole purpose by giving the people on drugs time to get it out of their system.

If they have a drug test policy then they can test you any time without notification. So no they are not going to give you a heads up on it.

Random drug tests can be given at anytime without notice

God save us from the GOP!
why should they? they assume you are drug free as part of your employment agreement and if you do drugs you are in violation

susann w
No, they don't have to tell you it's coming. The whole idea behind random drug testing is to catch you under the influence of an illegal substance (or alcohol) You can't "beat" a drug test anyhow so it's pointless to try.

Sir Brannsworth
No, they generally dont give you the heads-up, unless of course you have a friend on the inside.
Don't ask the boss about it either. Saying "Do you drug test?" to an employer is exactly like saying, "I can't pass a drug test."

You're best bet is to just clean up...

No, they don't. Some do, but there is no legal requirement.

of course not.

They can give random screenings.

Sha T
No they don't they can do random or surprise tests!

Not at all. Other than pre-employment testing, most drug testing IS random. Letting employees know ahead of time would rather moot the point. They are only required to inform you upon hiring, you may be subject to future drug testing.

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