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do i have a warrant out for my arrest? help?
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do i have a warrant out for my arrest? help?

hey i am 16 and was on probation but in october they told me if i violated probation again they would put me in lockup and take me away from my mom so i went on the run when i found out there was a warrant out for my arrest and ive been lving with my girlfriend ever since november and havent talked to my probation officer or anything i just ran away from my dads house when my p.o called him and told him...i still hang out with my mom though and i go out places just not all the time and i dont go to school or anything like that because they could go there lookin. is there a warrant out for my arrest?i mean its been like six months since i spoke to my p.o and since i ran away.


There probably will be until the statue of limitions runs out. I'm not sure what it is you did or what the S.O.L is on that, so I can't really tell you, but now you have the info to look it up yourself.

The statute would probably wear off by the time you are 18. Until then, yes.

ok first off, why are you asking this on here? we dont know who you are so how are we supposed to know? second, why not just follow the rules they set for you instead of running i think that was the dumbest move you could make. is it really so hard to do what you need to do to get through your probation? and third, yes i do believe you do have a warrant for your arrest so why not turn yourself in and get it over with before this gets any worse like a car chase that can get someone killed.

Hi Ryan,
I really hope you don't. I haven't seen anybody around looking for you or heard anything from Kevin if that helps. Nothing from the gossip from the guys. I hope they don't for your sake.

Change that is not needed.
Call him and just ask what to do. Stop looking over your shoulder. Get this over with and go on with your life. Everyone makes mistakes, God knows I did.
I will pray for you to do the right thing.

There probably is, If you violated your probation by leaving your moms house, thats usually the case.

i dont know if other states do it (Oklahoma does) but theres usually a website that lists all of the people who have bench warrants or arrest warrents. As far as I know, its anonymous, so they shouldnt be able to trace. If you turn yourself in, Im sure they won't be too hard. But you're parent could get fined for you missing school since you're under 18.

yea, there might be...
and it doesn't matter how long it been...
it makes things worse...

I'm sure there is a warrant out for your arrest by now.

Your parents are the ones who will be arrested for harboring.

We are not going to know if there is a warrant out for your arrest. There is a possibility that there is, but you need to call your PO to find out. Besides you need to get all this behind you, so that you can move on with your life, and not be looking over your shoulder all the time...~

Killer Clown
oh yea. you are now considered a run away. you p.o has full rights to lock you up and they can also bring you up on charges. they may even stick you in jail. I'm 18 and when i was 16 i got into a lot of the same thing. P.O holds, jail the hole bit. tthey are going to tack on alot of things like. truentcey. you gf could get harboring a run away. dude you got a lot on your plate my man. i wish i could tell you what to do but eatheir way it will be bad. so it's your choice dude. hope i was a help

gaylene B
Better behave yourself - it's unlikely that the police will send out search squads looking for you. However, if the police come into contact with you for ANY REASON, they can search the records for wants and warrants (portable computers make this really fast now) and BAMM! you'll be in jail until they can get you into court. Probably no chance of bail either. So, if it takes 3 weeks to get you onto the court calendar, you'll be there a minimum of 3 weeks.

More importantly, you were on probation - your probation has been revoked, and you will have to serve the original sentence - completely no chance of parole or early release for good behavior.

Even worse for you, this doesn't go away. Even after you are 18 and legally an adult, this warrant will still be there waiting for you to do something that will draw the attention of the police.

And yes, your Mom could get arrested for harboring a fugitive, it depends on the charges against you and the efforts she makes to hide you from the police.

Like I said, you better behave yourself - or turn yourself in and take responsibly for your actions, like an adult.

You have to face the music, sooner or later you will get picked up, the longer you hide the worse it will be for you, contact your PO and have a talk with him, the sooner the better, you can't run all your life. Time to "man up".

You sound like my grandson, he did something similar, but we talked him into contacting his PO, he went to court on a probation violation and they sent him to a juvenile facility to (not a lock up) to rehab him and teach him a trade, it is for 6 months. At first he did not like it of course, but now after 3 months in he is learning a trade and he is very happy, on Sept 21 we will pick him up and he will live with us as we have taken custody away from his mother.

Ok I can't say for sure, but it sounds like you do have a warrant, and the only way you can fix it is to get your warrant quashed and call your p.o. You might have to get arrested.

The more you run the more money they are gonna charge you and since your a minor they will charge your parents. Believe me the justice system = a big scam.

If your really scared of getting a criminal record, then dont worry, I was charged with two class C felonies and my record was sealed upon my request at age 18(2 years after crime was commited.

Hey there
Only the court would know for sure. If the terms of your probation where that if you violated it (which you did by not checking in with you p.o and not attending school). You may have to go to a DYS center, pay a fee, or something in between. Most likely you will have a bench warrant out for you. Its better for you to go to the court house and get it straightened up than to have them find you. Don't skip out on your education over something like this, its not worth it in the long run.

The warrant is not going to disappear. It's still there.

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