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do inmates have to pay for their medical services while in prison?
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do inmates have to pay for their medical services while in prison?

Family member needs an operation for 3 hernia's need to know if he has to pay for this himself
Additional Details
He is getting billed 5 dollars for every time he has to see the doctor..including the counsler and eye doctor any medical thing it is costing


2008-04-26 23:08:54 +0000
To deny it would violate the eighth amendment.

2008-04-26 23:05:14 +0000
NO...were will they get the money from. they cant rob a bank in prison.

2008-04-26 23:10:02 +0000
NO.... I am not sure if it depends on the state or not but at least in Texas they are the only people in the state that receive free healthcare. So, get AIDS, rob a bank and get free health care. Awesome huh!!! I work on an ambulance that has to go to a prison every once in a while and I promise you the healthcare they receive is not the same quality as you or me

2008-04-27 00:40:22 +0000
yes he has to pay for the 5 dollar visits if they feel its life threating the state picks up the bill

2008-04-26 23:07:09 +0000
no, not while in prison or jail....

2008-04-26 23:06:26 +0000
Yeah, that'll probably cost him at least two cartons of smokes and a week's worth of desserts.

2008-04-26 23:13:18 +0000
if an inmate needs medical attentiion then yes, they get in done for free while they are in lock up. Even a hernia operation..

2008-04-26 23:14:42 +0000
No you the tax payer pays it. People without insuance go without.

2008-04-28 20:49:39 +0000
$5 for a visit to the dr. in jail? I should take up a life of crime. My family has to get money the old fashioned way (work) and we can't even afford a visit to the dr.

2008-04-26 23:15:17 +0000
Inmates have no income. Their care is limited to themselves. The family may qualify for help from the state, separate from the prison system.

2008-04-26 23:13:32 +0000
No inmates do not have to pay, we the tax payer has to pay.

That's why your pay check is so small and getting smaller.

Prisoners have too many rights and privileges.

We have more people in prison than probably any other country. It's a black mark on our country. Other countries look down their noses at us because our people have so little respect for each other.

This family member of yours.... I hope the crime was very minor. By the way, if the prison sentence is short his medical treatment probably won't be paid for. Don't let that influence you or anyone you know into committing crimes.

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