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do you have to be a us citizen to own a gun?
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do you have to be a us citizen to own a gun?


Dillon H
Not if you fake a social security or birth certificate you don't

Erifer F.

yes legally you do

legally yes.

duh y would u need one

Legallly...you know...with a permit and everything

legally, yes But who cares! own it!

It's a trick question. Most people who own guns are not US citizens, nor have they ever even set foot on US soil. We just think it's all about us.

yes, got to fill in papers too and get a permit.

to own a gun in the US, u must be a US citizen.

Also its each state requires different things, so be sure to check ur state laws!!!

L rockswell
no. just someone who is wanting to get one.

legally, yes

Better asked in the hunting section. You must be a permanent citizen to buy a gun in the States. Naturalized citizens can also after they are officially recognised.

Only if you buy one from a dealer.

No, you don't. You might have to be a citizen to purchase one, but not to own one. Civil rights apply to everyone, even immigrants.

yes and lets say you live in New Mexico, you have to be a resident there to be able to buy that gun.

NO- but you do have to have a drivers license or proof of residency and age, and meet the residency time requirements to buy one. Whether you are a citizen or not you are subject to the laws of the state, and the city you reside in.
Legal immigrants can own and purchase guns. They do have to be citizens.It is illegal for a Illegal or non-immigrant aliens to purchase or own a gun. The possession of a gun by anyone not eligible to purchase it is also illegal, possession itself is evidence that laws have been broken.

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