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how can you get dip through the security at the airport without getting caught if your underage with the dip?
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how can you get dip through the security at the airport without getting caught if your underage with the dip?

my friend needs help hes like 17 and hes tryin to get it here
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underage we cant buy it!!!!!


Katie R
airlines do not care if you have dip. just make sure he has no bombs or hair gel.

Brian B
It's the airport not a gas station. They have bigger issues to deal with. Just have him put it in his bag, and no one will care.

What the heck is "the dip"? That tobacco stuff rural southern people keep in their lips and spit juice from?

Do people who do that even know what airplanes are?

I'm confused.

jinx c
Doesn't matter. It is illegal to sell tobacco products to a minor, not for a minor to possess or use them. Once it is purchased you are fine.

sew it 2 the inside of ur clothes, but theres a 99% chance that hell be caught

dip? five bucks a can? i just have no idea what you're on about, must be an american thing.

ahh, tobacco, now i get it a bit more. chewing tobacco? ughh

Lauren G
shove it up your whole/***/****/butockss if you gett stopped they dont check under aged poeple there but it may hurt

I'd be surprised if the TSA checked your "friend's" age because they found dip on them.

~*~Redneck Woman~*~
I know at my airport, they check ur id.....take your luggage......check ur id and your boarding pass.....then check your carry on.....none of which is done by the same person...therefore he should be perfectly fine packing it in his luggage and or carry on. I had my cigs in my carry on, i am of legal age, but they never questioned them.

It is not illegal to have, it is illegal to sell to a minor.

No one cares if it's in his suitcase but if he's that worried can't he just get some after he gets to his destination?

They don't care about tobacco products. They won't even check it.

How much is dip really? Come on.

What Happened?
I learned this in a movie: He needs to hide that uncomfortable chunk of metal up his *** for two years. Be careful it may cause dysentery.

BTW - everyone does themselves a huge favor when they completely remove the word LIKE from their vocabulary. (lernt that in school) It serves no purpose as a word which is not easily replaced and makes adults think you are have the mental capacity of a 7 year old.

Best way is to completly encase it in explosives, this will block the x-rays for sure. Dip after all is a huge security risk.

Airport security only cares about potential threats to the airline, it's crew, or it's passengers. It's possible that some guard could call the cops on you if he wanted to, but since tobacco products (even when illegally in the hands of a minor) aren't considered a weapon, he's not likely to waste his time with it. I used to be a security manager, and these flunkies don't do any more work than they absolutely have to.

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