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what percentage do you have to be to claim american indian status?
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what percentage do you have to be to claim american indian status?


i heard 5 percent



eight ball

Gentle Giant
1/4 and direct lineage.

Not as much as people think, all you have to do is prove that you are a descendant of an Native American, not matter how far removed.

Supreme Court Rulings on Native American descendancy

David M
I disagree with the other answers (sorry, folks). I run a Native American Voting Rights program in a state with 22 tribes. There is no universal answer. It is completely up to the tribe. It can 1/2 or 1/4 or 1/8 or just a trace of direct lineage. The larger tribes require more direct blood than some of the smaller tribes. We have tribes as small as 300 members. They want to increase tribal enrollment and have less stringent standards than large tribes like the Navajo. The Cherokees owned slaves, so there are Cherokees of African-American descent. You would have to check with each tribe to get a correct answer.

Quad Kings
For Indian Tribes it will depend on the tribe. Each tribe has different requirements to be considered a member of the tribe.
However, the federal government may recognize an individual as being "indian", if they can prove that they meet federal regulations on being classified as "indian." So, it is possible to be recognized as an american indian without belonging to an indian tribe. If you are recognized as an indian tribe, then you may be entitled to certain federal benefits such as health care. Sometimes these benefits are directly administed by an indian tribe. Indian tribes receive money from the feds to administer certain types of programs such as higher ed or health care, so even if you are not recognized as a member of the tribe, the tribe may still be obligated to provide you with benefits, if you are recognized as indian by the federal government. You can find laws regarding recongnition of individuals as native americans throught the Burueau of indian affairs (BIA).

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