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what will happen when i go to court for truancy?
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what will happen when i go to court for truancy?

also im not a bad kid or nothing ive never been in trouble with the law before and i dont skip school.
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ok im very concerned because im not a bad kid or nothing and i dont skip school but originally this lady wanted to petition me becuase i missed 12 out of 10 days i could miss of school and i was sick for about a week and a half or so and i never got a doctors note becuase there was really nothing we could do about it but later in the year i started smoking some weed not all the time but from time to time and about a week ago i hit it w few times and now i have about 2 weeks before i go to court and now this isnt a drug related thing or anything but i wanted to know if they will give me a drug test and also i live with my aunt and my mom or dad cant take care of me will i go to a foster home even if my test come back negetive?


Plead insanity! then they'll put you in a happy place :)

Savannah B
what does truancy even mean?

Kevin C
If you continue to miss school they can throw you in Juvenile Hall and force you to go. Quit smoking pot! It is bad for your brain and your soul. Pot is not a harmless drug...you'll just end up doing coke. Believe me I know. Get your heart straight with God. Ask Jesus into your life and he will help you if you really mean it.

Your parents are responsible for this. They cannot make you take a drug test.

David W
You'll likely be tested if put on probation which sounds likely. The initial test will be for drugs and subsequent tests will see if you're continuing.

From the way you describe this you've been doing more weed than stated but hey I know what it's like. It will be in your system unless you can mask it but it takes a full 40 days to get completely out.

Meg M
Don't worry about it. Just explain the situation and I'm sure everything will be fine. That's what I did when I got a truancy letter.

Kaz H
1) Why couldn't you get a doctor's note?
2) Your drug test will come up positive if you take it.
3) No, you will probably have to pay a fine or probation.

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