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when you turn 18, can you legally quit school without a parents permission in texas?
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when you turn 18, can you legally quit school without a parents permission in texas?

it used to be that this was fine, but i heard the laws have changed and they will take you to court and file truancy charges on you.
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well his parents don't really care if he gets out of school, they just won't sign papers for it.. if that makes any sense. They just aren't going to participate in his quitting.. but they'll sit by and let it happen without kicking him out. He'll have to get a job, though... lol


i think according to the law, you only need to go to school till your 16 or 27, finished with school or not. so if your 18 I'm pretty sure you can quit with no trouble.

once he turns 18 he can do whatever he wants but, why would he want to quit school? to go work at mcdonalds?

Miles H
If you are living in their household and decide to quit school they can kick you out of the house if they want.

Phoenix Royalty
considering your from Texas I say you should stay in school.
Because everyone knows that Texans aren't known for their academic achievements.

Example: George W. Bush

stay in school and don't smoke and don't marry a guy that wears white tank tops. Remember don't let any man hit you. Always remeber Arizona will always prevail over texas.

Edit: Good then get out of there FAST!!....but first make your friend stay in school!

Edit: I never said he was, I said for him to stay in school. remeber tell him to not let a man hit him too! Go Arizona!

Jeremy S
If your 18 you can do what you want. except drink and rent a car. but no they can't file charges against you. your choice now.

"A person under the age of 18 may not leave school without the permission of their parents or legal guardian.
A minor child who has reached the age of 17 and been granted an equivalency certificate is exempt from compulsory education laws.

Texas Education Code Annotated 25-085(b)."

so you should be able too

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