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At what age Can you Start Working In Texas At Any Job?
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At what age Can you Start Working In Texas At Any Job?


Thomas C
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clovis f
First, I'd like to commend you on being so ambitious and driven at such a young age, that says alot about you. Some advice, based on my own experiences as an employed student at fifteen are: 1) Make sure you stay on top of your schoolwork. Your studies will get you a lot farther in the long run. Though it is nice to have money to spend on what you need/want without having to ask the parents. You could even help them out some. Anyways back to your question. You should apply at both H.E.B. and Randall's, much to your sister's chagrin. (Be honest if the application asks if there are any relatives working for the company, and be professional once you get hired - no goofing off with sis) But before you do check with your school's guidance office to see if they are able to get you working papers. I live in Jersey, and 9 years ago (shriek) when I was in high school I was able to get them to start as a Cashier at Wendy's. Depending on the laws of your state you can only work until a certain time on school nights, i.e. 8pm, and no more than 8 hours a day on weekends. At summertime you can work a less restrictive close to 40 hour week. Now I am basing this on Jersey law, check with the same guidance counselor, or even signs posted at the post office for Texas' child labor laws. Once you have those working papers in hand you have alot of options. There are supermarkets who might hire you as a clerk, bagger, or to gather shopping carts - be mindful of the working conditions of each job, heavy lifting, working in the rain, etc. You could deliver the newspaper before or after school. You could work as a busboy at a local, small restaurant. You could go to your local Red Cross, and for less than $15 get CPR certified, and you could work as a lifeguard at a local pool in a hotel. You could get creative, and be a dog walker, or if you are really good at a certain subject in school (have report card to prove it) you could tutor younger kids - it could be computers, another language, algebra, etc. I would not recommend the work at home ads as a trustworthy source for an employment search, I've heard of alot of people being ripped off, and I think most likely it's a scam. Also one last thing you could try is to see if your state or county provides youth employment programs. Usually non-profit organizations run them. Don't forget that once you get hired your job will be a great tool for building connections, recommendations, and experience for the future. If you can no longer continue to work for the company make sure you formally resign in writing. Good luck to you, and I hope this is helpful to you.

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