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Can you get fired for sleeping at work...?
Find answers to your legal question.

Can you get fired for sleeping at work...?

If you're sleeping because you're narcoleptic? Would that be discriminating against an illness?
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EDIT: A confirmed, real case of narcolepsy. I understand "at will" employement, but if your employer actually tells you you're fired for sleeping, when you have an illness that makes it impossible to NOT sleep.


Karen T
it depends on your boss, and the company policy.

Gosip girl
Well yes and no , if the boss knows about it when they ger hired they might or might not get the job and have to get a Disability job and i quess it depends what type job of it is.

Totally depends on what kind of employment you have. Mc Donald's - probably not... Nurse - probably yes.

You couldn't be fired if it you suffer from an actual medical condition, but they would have to be informed on this upon employment, otherwise they may think that you are making it up (unless you develop it after employment, in which case a doctors note would probably suffice).

If it isn't a medical complaint and you just had a few too many last night, they are within their right to reprimand you. I doubt you would be fired if it is the first time it has happened (unless you work in a job such as the emergency services), but you may recieve an official warning.

if youre a narcoleptic an you have documentation to prove that, then theres nothing they can really do or say

hr cubs girl
Its not protected, the employer was right in letting you go.

I would try to get SS disability instead of trying to work, that is a safety hazard.

Janet P
You can if you have not documented your disability with the social security office yet. At this point it is just your word.

Most jobs will have to let you go though, falling asleep could cost other people their lives, you will not be able to do most jobs, even driving to a job is impossible if you can not manage this with medication.

if u were a taxi driver

Tana Rodriguez
Well if you have narcolepsy then it would probably be understandable, however if you are just sleeping because you are tired and stayed up to late then that's a different story, yeah they might fire you.

This is why you morons always gripe about the government controlling everything.
You think they really do !

There is no law that prevents "discriminating against an illness"
Where do you people get these ideas?

If you can't do the job, then WHY do you think your employer should keep you around?

If you really can't work, then apply for SS Disability.

Yes you can get fired.

Tanya ... x0x
Yes you could!

sarcastic michael o.
sleeping at work?
of course not, the only thing that could come from that is a job promotion.

yes you can get fired. and if you are narcoleptic, you were obliged to disclose that as a disability when you went for your job interview before getting the job. if you developed the disability after you started work, you were still obliged to disclose this so that work can make allowances for you.
sorry mate, looks like you're going to get fired.

You could still get fired. Disability laws require REASONABLE accommodation and that you still be able to actually do the job, which you can't if you are sleeping even if you can't help it

ken e
Sleeping ,alcohol ,drugs are the best and quickest ways to get fired

If your disability prevents you from performing your job then, yes, they can fire you. For example, if a person was a bike messenger and they were hit by a car and paralyzed, they would no longer be able to perform their job. It's not discrimination if you can't get the job done.

You need to find another line of work.

you can get fired.

YES you can be fired if you fall asleep at work
this condition would cause an "undue hardship" on most employers to accommodate and therefor you would not be protected under ADA or Title VII.

the protections provided under ADA apply if you can perform the essential duties of the job with or without accommodation, and if accommodations would cause an unsafe working condition for you or others or if the accommodations cause an undue hardship on the employer then the employer does NOT have to make such accommodations.
a person who has no control over when they may fall asleep is a safety hazard to them-self and others in almost any job.

Aimee's Mummy & Boy on Board
You absolutely can not get fired for an illness. That is covered on the disability discrimination act. If you have an illness they must fit around your needs for example if you used to be a builder and end up in a wheelchair they must offer you a job that you can do, like working in the office.

If you are in the UK called ACAS and they will help you and tell you where you stand. You also cannot sack people anymore without giving them a disciplinary first...so there is no way that they can sack you.

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