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How do i serve someone if i don't know where they live or work?
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How do i serve someone if i don't know where they live or work?

I'm trying to sue a person in civil small claims court in Vancouver, British Columbia. They were convicted of assault last year and report to their probation officer etc. How do i serve them with my notice of claim if i don't have access to their workplace or home address. I'm having trouble getting a straight answer even from one of the local judges in North Vancouver. Any suggestions?


You normally serve someone by two ways: in-hand or abode (at their home) service.

If you don't know where they live then you serve them at their last known address.

Check the local rules on process serving. In some jurisdictions, notification by mail can be accomplished throughthe use of registered mail. You also should be able to advertise in a legal newspaper or the local newspaper. yet again, check the local rules that are easily available on line.

lil southern girl
Not sure about Canadian law on service of process, but here in the US, you would typically have to make every effort to find the person, which in today's times often means paying an internet people search firm and having the printed results from them as proof you tried to find him. (You could also hire a local investigator.) If you come up empty-handed after exhausting all options, then you serve him by publication in the paper as others have said. But again, not knowing anything about Canadian law, I would ask a Canadian attorney if the court will not advise you on it.

Mr. Kool
publication....u have to have made several attempts to send them papers via certified mail (to their last known address) before this is allowed but then u can have it published in a newspaper that circulates where they last lived for a certain number of days (usually one week) then they will consider that the papers have been served

I would suggest a legal notice in either a local or national newspaper's classified legal section

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