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How long after leaving a job can you file for unemployment?
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How long after leaving a job can you file for unemployment?

And if you worked for a long time at a job and got laid off and then found another job for a short time, can you still apply for benefits for that original job?


Unemployment asks for the last 18 months of earnings so you need to file within this time period if the job was permanent full-time. Now, if you are currently at another full-time job, NO you cannot file. Because you have found another full-time job. But if this job you have now is part-time, yes you can file because you are still looking for full-time employment. You will receive a letter in the mail within 10 business days if you are still eligible to file for benefits.

If you are saying you got laid off, then found another job then quit that new job, then you are not eligible for unemployment because you had a new job and then quit. Does not matter how long you worked previously, or that you where laid off, you had gainfull employment and quit that makes you NOT ELIGIBLE

immediately and yes to the second part

mrs g2
Yes. But hurry up.

You apply the same day.

This is why I love recessions.
Every time we have one, the great American middle class gets an education.

i had my baby last january 29,2011.i ask 1 month leave to my work.then after 1 month when i am about to return to work my boss declares that we will not go back to work anymore because she will close her clinic.but obviously she just dont want to pay us.they told us to wait for their call.then after 2 months no call yet from them.then we went to visit the clinic there's still a lot of patients.then she declares that we are fired at no reason.she said no money.then they hire another employee. iwas not able to apply unemployment right away because i am still expecting their call.may,june,july comes they said no more job for us.i dont know how to apply unemployment.that if i am still be able to apply one.until now i still have no job.so can i still apply for an unemployment?please advise me.thanks.

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