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How much notice does a business have to give it's employees before closing (in Ontario)?
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How much notice does a business have to give it's employees before closing (in Ontario)?

I work for a retail chain in Ontario that is closing. While we were aware of this happening a couple of months ago, we were never given a final closing day until yesterday - and we were only given 10 days notice.

I've heard that we are legally supposed to get 8 weeks notices of when the actual closing day is. If we don't , then we are entitled to back pay.

Is this true, and if so, can someone please show me a link?


I think it depends on the number of employees the company has. Example if there are under 50 at the location you work I don't think they would have to give any notice at all. So sad!! Best wishes.

When it comes to a business winding down, the rules get complicated as it depends on how many employees there are, and why the business is closing.

I'm assuming the employer has more than 50 employees. If it employees between 50 and 199 employees, 8 weeks notice must be given. The employer would have had to advise Employment Standards. If you were given notice a couple months ago, it sounds like the employer has met his obligations. Typically when a business is winding down, if they still need employees after the notice period, they will keep them on as temporary employees. No further notice needs to be given.

The link below lands on the Terminations page of Ontario Employment Standards.

8 weeks notice is only if there are 50-199 employees for a mass lay-off. Under 50 employees I don't believe they have to give you any notice. This page: http://www.isthatlegal.ca/index.php?name=termination_wrongful_dismissal2.employment_law#Severance%20Pay seems to have a lot of information that would be helpful.

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