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I have a bad background. It is very hard for me to get a job. I'm so stressed out.?
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I have a bad background. It is very hard for me to get a job. I'm so stressed out.?

What can help me out there? BTW, I have robbery and attempted murder on my background.. =(


What about getting into law enforcement ... you could be useful in teaching the mindset of criminals to officers in training. Maybe informing the cops of better ways to continue an investigation based on how criminals think.

oo no

i guess theres no other way to say this
put if you have attempted murder on your background
theres no way in hell they will hire you

try to become famous

As a temp job, work at Waffle House. They hire felons regurally (no joke, serious).

Good luck!!

car fanatic
volunteer at places

in other words try to get a better reputation

you are SOL. guess you should have thought about that before you robbed someone and tried to kill them.

Sadly, you live in a country where once you are convicted of a crime, people are allowed to discriminate against you legally for the rest of your life. It seems pretty unreasonable if you have already served your time, but that's just how America is. Sorry.

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