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I think my employer put fake amounts on my w-2. I think I made more then what it he put on there.?
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I think my employer put fake amounts on my w-2. I think I made more then what it he put on there.?

Why would he say I made less then what I really made? Also I know he took taxes out of my pay stub for the amount he should have. Is he keeping my tax money? Am I at fault if he doesnt make the #'s correct?


2009-02-10 04:29:15 +0000
You should keep your pay check stubbs. The reason if they did put down les is cause the employer has to match the amount you pay into FICA whgich is Social security.

2009-02-10 04:30:05 +0000
You will have to compare your W-2 with your actual paystubs. It is your responsibilty to ensure your W-2 is accurate.

Reducing your reported pay reduces the amount of Social Security and income taxes due, reduces unemployment insurance payments, etc.

2009-02-10 03:27:06 +0000
You should be checking your check every week for discrepencies and keep your pay stubs from each paycheck so you can check what you made vs what they say you made. That is the best way to verify if what you made is true.

2009-02-10 06:22:57 +0000
Check your last pay stubb of the year - it will have a year-to-date amount of taxes withheld. Is your paycheck prepared through a payroll service, like ADP? It'd be very difficult for an employer to show withholding, and then not report it on the W2. I think you're just having sticker shock;; but if your year-end pay stub doesn't match your W2, inquire with your payroll person at work.

2009-02-10 05:49:06 +0000
check your last paycheck with the W2 form. see if they match.,

No, you are not at fault if he takes out the wrong amount of taxes, he would he the one in trouble..

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