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If suspended from a job, can you collect unemployment?
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If suspended from a job, can you collect unemployment?

Hubby employed for 2yrs. Was suspended because unable to complete work assignment- as this would have put him into overtime which he could not adhere to due to school schedule which employer was aware of. Was suspended.. was advised they will call him to return to work. No call & no pink slip... so now what?
Additional Details
It suspension WITHOUT pay.


Depends on how long you will be suspended and your state's laws. In most states a person would need to be suspended for a minimum of 2 weeks. Check the website for your state's unemployment agency.

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No you can not! if you collect unemployment two things are likely to happen. The first thing that is likely (and notice the word likely) to happen is that you will find you are being charged by the local magistrates court with fraud. You have not specified whether or not you were suspended on full pay or not, but i must stress that there are very few places of business that are allowed to suspend you without paying you. Suspended is a fancie way of saying investigating. You can not collect unemployment whilst you are still employed, and unless you have been handed your P.45 i would assume that this is the case if i was you. This brings me on to my second point, if you start collecting unemployment or JSA and your employer finds out, he will turn your suspension into a dismissal as he/she has grounds for one. You must be careful with these things. Wait for the call.
Ask yourself the following question;
Has your husband been suspended on full pay?
if not speak to the employer about either being paid or collecting unemployment because one way or another you need household income. As long as you have your employers permission, it will be fine.

Rick B
no. He is imposing those limits due to his school.

Lucy Lu
Have him call his boss and find out whats up.If he is fired, he can try to collect, the job may dispute it. But he has to try.Just because a job is aware of your hubbys school schedule, does not mean they have to approve it.

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