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Is it legal for an employer to charge a fee to send a copy of W-2?
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Is it legal for an employer to charge a fee to send a copy of W-2?

I did not receive my W-2 and have called the corporate office of my employer for a copy to be sent to my current address. Apparently there is a $10 fee to have this done. I need to mail either a check or money order to them which will take about 2 weeks to get there. When they have received it, they will send my w-2 to me, which will take another 2 weeks. So in a month I will receive my W-2 if they do it ASAP. Is it legal for them to charge the fee? Is there anyway I can get it faster?


I've never heard of such a thing, unless it's a second copy. As far as I know, they're supposed to have your W-2 ready by the end of January, at no charge. It's the law.

Yes, it was your responsibility to notify them of your new address.

Yes it's legal. The original has to be sent at no charge. If you had moved and hadn't notified you an it went to your old address, that's your fault, not theirs.

You might be able to speed it up by picking it up at their office. They can still charge for the copy though.

yes, they can charge whatever they want.

Rick B
I would think so. It costs them money to produce and mail a new one.

Get it faster? April 15th is a long way off. Relax.

from your post it seems you moved and failed to notify this employer.
if they have proof that they already provided the W-2 to you within the required time then it is legal to charge you for a second copy........

it should take no more then 2 or 3 days for them to receive your money order, a day or 2 to process and 2 to 3 days for the return mail. this whole process should not take more then a week to 10 days, if you get on it NOW.

the time spent worrying and playing on YA has cost you the better part of today.

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