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My Boss hasn't paid me the correct wages. What can I do?
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My Boss hasn't paid me the correct wages. What can I do?

Ever since November, my boss has been paying me late. When he does pay me, the hours are less than they should be and I was paid under the minimum wage. Although he has sorted it out for the most part, I can't help but think I am due more. He pays me sometimes through BACS and sometimes in cash and because he hadn't sorted it earlier, it's all a mess now.

Any suggestions?


2009-05-10 11:49:07 +0000
Ask him for your money! :@

2009-05-10 13:23:22 +0000
Its up to you to keep track of your hours worked. At this point, although he seems to have made an attempt to correct his mistakes, you dont seem to know exactly how much he may owe you. This poses a problem. You cannot ask for corrections when you dont know what they should be.
In addition, paying you cash, or 'under the table', is illegal. What you need to do is document your hours worked, when he pays you and how much. If you choose, you can file a complaint with the dept of labor in your state. But I suggest that you try and 'help' him to pay you in a timely manner and the correct amount before going the route of filing the complaint.

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