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Sacked from my job, can I claim any benefits immediately?
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Sacked from my job, can I claim any benefits immediately?

Lost my job, and am now unemployed with 2 kids and a partner at home. Am I am entitled to any benefits like job seekers allowance, and is there an amount of time i have to wait to claim due to being sacked, and with only my partners wage coming in, most of the bills will now not be paid.


If you where sacked then you really shouldn't be getting benefits. Its your own fault you where sacked.

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did you do something really bad?

you could get unemployment but i believe there is a waiting period you could also look into cash assistance from welfare and food stamps as well hope this helps

Sorry Lisa but if you were sacked from your job you will have to wait for 6 months before you can claim.
The alternative is to visit your local Jobcentre and ask if there is any entitlement that you can claim (bearing in mind that you have two children. Can I ask why your prtner is not at work supporting you and the children?

If your partner you live with is working you won't get jobseekers. Phone Tax Credits as you'll be entitled to more TC's. Child benefit stays the same.

you have to be careful here if you got sacked for no reason then you should be ok to claim. but you were sacked for something bad then you could be in trouble with Your claim,best to give JSA a call and explain why you was sacked and ask them if it affects your claim.

you will have to wait up to 13 weeks before any kind of payment will be in place. this is due to checks on your employment and why you were sacked etc, also they will contact tax office for proof of tax payments and national insurance also any tax credits etc.

if your desperately short of money you maybe able to get an emergency payment from the social fund or a crisis loan which they will take back from your money each week

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Make the claim immediately. I was laid off in April and had my first check within 2 weeks.

From first link below: If you have been dismissed from your job it will affect the benefits you claim. You may be able to get contribution-based or income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Housing Benefit, or Council Tax Benefit but there are special rules about how these will be paid following your dismissal.

The second link below is an online benefits advisor. For the direct and correct answer though, contact jobcentreplus - they look after benefits these days.

You can claim JSA immediately, the waiting period is only for those who quit without good reason. You should get contribution based JSA for 6 months then depending on your partners income and whether your still out of work you will then have to apply for income based once the 6 months is up. Inform child/working tax credits also as you may be able to receive more as it's based on income, the less income you ahve the more you receive. You may also be able to claim housing and council tax benefit if you rent privately.

Contribution based JSA doesn't take into account partners income so you will be able to claim that for 6 months as long as you've paid enough NI contributions.

If you were sacked you can claim straight away, if you left of your own accord then no you cant

phone the JSA and they will send you a form to fill in do it NOW


Yes you can, there is no waiting period for dismissal. JSA is normally pretty quick too its disability and stuff that takes ages. You should also be able to apply for a hardship loan of £200 which will be later deducted from your benefit payments, this should be able to tide you over. You need to phone the Job Centre Plus and explain your situation, they will arrange for you to make an appointment at your local job centre and claim the benefit.

Also you need to look into what benefits you can now receive as a family, with your income now gone you might be eligible for working families tax credit, child benefit, housing benefit etc Directgov has a benefits calculator online.

i was sacked for gross misconduct but have no other income and live alone wat am i intitled too?

I am claiming jsa and I have a little match day job at a football club and I think I may get sacked for not calling in sick for 3 matches what could happen to my jsa ?

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