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What does employment bond mean?
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What does employment bond mean?

I was filling out a job application online today, and the following question came up during the pre-qualification...

"Have you ever been refused a bond by a previous employer?"
(Quoted word for word)

I didn't know what the question meant, but I did a little bit of research, and it appears to mean some sorta insurance against employee theft I think.

I answered "No" to the question, and hit submit, and it said that I was in-eligible for employment. As all the other questions were the fairly standard stuff "Are you a felon?" "Are you a US Citizen?" etc... I can only conclude that it was that question that made me in-eligible.

What does that question mean? Can someone phrase it in layman's terms? I obviously answered it wrong, but I wanna know what it actually means.


Most companies these days get you to sign a employment bond at the time of joining. Some also do it at a later stage. The employees have no resort than to sign on the dotted line. The bond wordings can differ, but in all cases they will act as obstacles to free mobility in jobs. Some of the typical clauses in a common employment bond are:

1. If you leave job, you will have to give a 1/2/3 months notice.

2. You cannot join a company that is into a similar line of business. (How ridiculous! One will only join a company that he/she has experience of working in).

3. You will have to pay to the company a particular sum if you are leaving the organisation.

If you plan to adhere to the company's policy, you will keep sticking to the company for as many years until the organisation someday throws you out.

Obviously since you did not know what it was you have never signed one and you answered correctly. I would have to believe you were rejected for another reason. Good thing anyway if they wanted you to sign one of these things. There the worst!

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