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What does felony dismissal really mean?
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What does felony dismissal really mean?

i have a court date this week coming Feb 26th i was charge with 3 dredge burglary and they said that it is felony dismissal date. what does Felony dismissal mean and what does it really mean for me Please respond ASAP...


The above answer is correct, but I firmly believe that if you did the crime, you should definitely do the time!!!

Means your lawyer is going to try to get it dismissed. Not charged with a felony. This doesn't mean you still won't be charged with a felony or something less. He is going to move for a felony dismissal. If the prosecutions case is strong the judge can say no way to your lawyer and move forward with a case to charge you with a felony. Or the judge can say okay and you are not charged at all or just charged with a misdemeanor.

Floyd Byrd
Can I get a Felony taken of my records, were it does not show that I'm a felon?? It is a habitual offender, driving without a license, it has been 10 yrs since and I've had my license for 10 yrs

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