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What field of law is the most relaxed and least competitive?
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What field of law is the most relaxed and least competitive?

I'm interested in pursuing a career in law but I have heard it is a career that is high in stress. What field of law is the least stressful in terms of how relaxed it is and how competitive it is?


Criminal Lawyers have very high stress jobs which usually end up in you fighting for a person that did commit a crime. Civil Litigators have not too stressful jobs and can meet very interesting situations.

If you can't handle stress, don't go into law. You won't necessarily get competition all the time, especially if you avoid the BigLaw rush, but there are always deadlines to meet and things to perfect and clients to meet and prep and research to do. Law is a field where one little mistake (filing literally thirty seconds too late) is the end of your career, no exceptions. I can't think of one practice area that is less stressful than another, or less competitive - it all depends on your specific situation. You can open your own firm and take a low number of cases and not compete against anyone, but that doesn't pay back your loans.

And forget about civil litigation - that's pretty much all big firm work and it is absolutely as cutthroat as it comes. Not sure where that response came from.

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